Church Camp Pt. 4

When Nolan got to camp he unloaded his suitcase, pillow and sleeping bag and walked up to the cabin. It was around the back side of the camp and it felt like a long walk but it was really only about a half a mile. Walking up to his cabin, Nolan was reminded of a flash from a dream. The cabins looked just like the one he had seen, when he dreamed of someone getting knocked out of a window. It felt like deja vu and I suppose the experience is probably what has been interpreted as deja vu in the world. Nolan didn’t know any of that at the time, he just knew it was a little stressful and made him extremely aware of his environment for a few seconds. 

The row of boys cabins was organized youngest to oldest and the girls cabins were all the way across the camp. He walked down past the first 5 cabins and found his own, next to last. It would have been closer to come in from the other direction but at least now he knew that. The other boys his age all pushed and shoved their way to getting the top bunks but Nolan didn’t know what the fuss was about. He set up on bottom with his suitcase slid underneath the bed. For some reason he was the only kid with a suitcase. It was Burgundy and had airline tags on it from his dad bringing it on trips. The other kids had gym bags and made fun of him a little. He didn’t get too worked up about being made fun of and soon the crowd had moved on to make fun of the kids who would get upset. It didn’t take long to make one kid cry and another fighting mad. There was no other way it could have gone with a bunch of boys from different areas all together in one place. 

Soon it was time for dinner and they all walked over to the cafeteria. The other boys complained about the food but Nolan thought it was amazing. He didn’t get a lot of nuggets and mashed potatoes with white gravy at home. He took his rolls and put nuggets in them, then dipped his little sandwiches into the gravy and potatoes. It was like heaven, he should know after all. After dinner they walked over to the chapel where they were informed about the guest speaker not making it for a few days. Nolan already knew all that and he was glad that witch wasn’t coming right away. He prayed that she wouldn’t come at all but he sure didn’t tell anyone about that. The preacher made some other announcements and told them the schedule for the week. Then they sang and the counselors did a little skit and sent them off to bed.

It was hard to fall asleep with all the boys talking about this and that. They talked about the girls they’d seen from other churches and picked on the counselors a bit to see what they were made of. But after a few hours they drifted off to sleep and Nolan had a visitor. Deep in the night, around 2 a.m. an angel came to Nolan’s bed to teach him of something that would happen in the future. Nolan began to dream the word that the Lord had sent to him. About 7 bunks down, lay the boy who had let the other boys make him cry earlier. Somehow he got the last top bunk, everyone must have backed off when he was crying. His name was Oliver and he was a sensitive soul. Oliver was awakened by the angel and he stared terrified down at Nolan’s bunk as he watched what looked like a ghost full of white light laying over Nolan as everyone slept.

As it happened Oliver’s bunk was next to the window and in his moment of terror at seeing the angel, Oliver saw something outside that frightened him beyond his own capacity for fear. There was a foot in the road. From his vantage point Oliver could only see the foot, bigger than a car, standing all the way across the road. He leaned down to see further out the window and the leg attached to that foot raised high up into the air. Then he saw the matching foot, it was down in the middle of camp by the cafeteria, nearly 50 yards away. He drew closer to the window to try and catch the entire figure of this giant. He looked and saw an ancient soldier towering hundreds of feet above the camp. This warrior angel was holding a sword made of fire with flames flashing up and down from the burning blade.

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