Family Reunion Pt. 8

Soon the two crews that were set to go out today were up and mobilizing. The Ship Island group rounded up Nolan and off he went to a new dock. This was where the ferry boat to Ship Island landed. They travelled back and forth every hour or so and as soon as the time came Nolan and his family were all aboard. This little sea faring bus had no windows and a few minutes out the dolphins began to swim up beside the boat. Looking at the dolphins and talking to them kept everyone occupied for most of the trip as the captain told about the tours and the history of the island.

As the got close enough to see the island Nolan noticed the lighthouse. His dream clicked into his mind and he looked back down at the dolphins as he recalled them from his dream as well. Nolan got pretty quiet with his family for the rest of the trip as he watched to see how his dream would play itself out in real life. When the landed the first thing they saw was an old French fort. It was exactly the fort he had dreamed. The tour guide began to tell the history of the fort and the island. They told of the hurricane that had split the island in half years ago. Then the tour guide began to warn the group of the hurricane off shore now.

They had a plan but you better be on the last shuttle off the island because once the hurricane got too close, there would be no more ferry until it was over. Nolan’s family didn’t seem that concerned. It was still sunny and they had hours to look around the island. Nolan was pretty worried though, he did not want to be stuck on that island. As they looked around and swam at the beach the clouds rolled in slowly. 

The wind picked up and the sky got dark when the ferry arrived and the tour guides started rounding people up. There was some question about whether everyone could fit. Nolan stood looked up at the sky. He ran over a part of the fort that he could crawl up on and he stood ten feet in the air feeling the storm blow against his chest. Everyone else seemed to be in a hurry and afraid and ready to hide. But Nolan felt like he could fly. The storm made his feel stronger than he ever could be, invincible and powerful.

His family came and got him as soon as they had gathered their things. They rushed to the ferry and Nolan ended up standing because there was standing room only on the little water bus. The trip back to the dock was rough, the captain acted scared. He was concern that they had loaded too many people and the weight, winds and waves might be too much for this old boat. It was a frightening hour but they made it. Then for some reason Nolan’s cousins decided they better go to the souvenir shop on the beach while they could. Everyone had decided to go ahead and leave town right away before the hurricane made landfall. 

Nolan stood out next to the big fake surf board and watched the ocean. He loved looking at the storm and the rain was slowly beginning to fall. It was getting bigger, the ocean and the storm were both larger than Nolan could see. As he felt the wind and rain and the surge of desire to fly into the storm rushed through him, Nolan’s parents and sister pulled up. His dad ran inside to tell the family to get out quick, and his mom ran up and dragged Nolan to the car. They were going to drive up north to one of his great aunt and uncle’s farms. They would ride out the storm in a little town called Russell, up near Meridian. It far enough inland that the hurricane wouldn’t be more than rain by the time it got there and it wasn’t a bad drive. Off they went towards Meridian with hurricane making landfall behind them. The old folks said not to worry about the ones that were staying behind, this was no Camille.

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