Initiation Pt. 3

Charlie decided to go one more step and asked about the business man. Why would there be a hit on a 45 year old, upstanding business man in Memphis? And why would the media say it was race related and gang related without actually having any information about that? DJ saw that Charlie was picking up what he had put down. “You should read about about Mockingbird and Gladio” he said. It was at this moment the Nolan lost control of himself. Donut in hand, he began to see something that wasn’t there. It was the president, only he was a little younger and he was making an announcement.

“Effective immediately, the CIA will not enter into any paid or contract relationship with any full time or part time news correspondent accredited by any U.S. news service, newspaper, periodical, radio or television network or station. However, the CIA will continue to welcome the voluntary, unpaid cooperation of journalists.” said the president’s younger self. Nolan could see it like he was there and he was shaking a little bit. One more hard shake and what he was seeing switched. He looked as some Pope from many years ago met with a gangster and a representative of the U.S. government. He watched as they coordinated secret armies, criminal organizations and the church. Then he zoomed back and the meeting he was looking at morphed into a seed planted on the globe in Italy. 

The seed Nolan saw grew into a weed and the seeds of that weed scattered throughout the whole earth. These weeds began to pop up in nation after nation across the globe. They began to choke the governments, families, churches, schools, news media, businesses and the arts of all that nations of the earth. Then he watched as the weeds bound together with these systems and organizations of the earth. Nolan looked next to him and a massive angel was in space floating with him looking down at the earth. The angel yelled to him in a loud voice, “You must separate the weeds from the Kingdom of the Most Holy One!”

Nolan jumped back in his chair in terror and dropped his donut. It was only then the DJ and Charlie noticed him and they asked what was wrong. Nolan said he didn’t know, maybe he was falling asleep. It was after all the kind of this that might happen when he was sleeping. 

Then DJ chimed into a new subject, “By the way Charlie, did you hear the governor is going to announce his presidential campaign soon?” Nolan’s dad said that he had heard something about that. 

Then DJ said the most unusual thing, “I guess a lot of seemingly upstanding men are going to end up dead between now and then.” 

Nolan remembered his dream with the governor at the hubcap hamburger place and the Indian mounds and a chill ran all through him. What did DJ know about the governor? Did he know about the sacrifices and the drug trafficking and the…? Nolan didn’t even want to think about all that he had seen in that dream or the witches he had met afterwards. He just pushed it all down in his mind before he broke down. He couldn’t tell people these kinds of things. It was just too hard to think about, so Nolan excused himself to go walk over to Sunday school. He found a football game in the courtyard on the way and got his mind far away from whatever all this was.

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