The Missouri Prophets Pt. 3

The prophet looked around the small crowd as if he were looking for something and then he found it. “Could you stand up ma’am?” he asked a woman. She stood up and he asked her if she was a teacher or did work involving children. She was in fact a teacher and the prophet was glad to have understood that part correctly so he continued. He said, “I believe the Lord has given you a special calling with the children you work with. For many of them you will be the only contact they ever have with His people. The school is going to try to silence you from sharing your faith and already has made the first attempt.” The woman began to cry, like out of control ugly cry. The prophet continued, “The Lord wants you to know that after several attempts to silence you, the people coming against you will be removed from their positions. You will be in a struggle for the next couple of years but the Lord wants you to keep sharing Him with your students.”

“This time in your life will be an important preparation for your destiny in My Kingdom and you will reach many children who would not otherwise know me. Stay strong because when the opposition becomes hardest and it seems as if you will lose your job, when you are taken before the school board to answer for your righteousness I will speak through you. You will prophesy to the school board as my Spirit breaths through you and the power of what I say through your mouth will captivate the hearts of everyone in the room. By my word the school board will side with you and remove those who fiercely oppose you from their positions with the school district. It will be a sign to you that I have spoken to you and through you.” As he finished speaking, the woman was given a chance to respond through her ugly cry. She said that another teacher, the assistant principal and a school board member had approached the principal and gotten her in trouble just last week about sharing the gospel with students. 

Everyone’s hair stood up a little on the back of their necks and Nolan could feel a tingle up his spine as he soaked in the fact that God had just spoken through a man. But it wasn’t over, the prophet looked around and found someone else and then another and another. He spoke into people’s lives with accuracy and encouragement as if they were friends. The prophet appeared to know so much when in his own mind he didn’t know any of the things he was saying. He didn’t understand the situations or have any insight to give later. But he had tapped into the ability to hear from God and to speak what he heard and it was amazing!

Then he looked at Mr. Jenkins. Mr. Jenkins recently had a stroke and one of his arms and part of his face weren’t working right. He talked funny now and drooled on himself a lot. He had some trouble walking and thinking and he couldn’t work. It had been hard on Mrs. Jenkins these last few months and the church people had been helping her get by and figure things out. The most noticeable thing when you looked at him was his arm. He had a hand that was permanently closed and his arm was pulled into his chest and he couldn’t move it. Even if you pulled on his arm and fingers they wouldn’t budge.

The prophet had spoken into the lives of probably ten different people when his eye fell on Mr. Jenkins. “Sir, you’ve recently had a stroke, have you not?” he asked to everyone’s amazement. Mrs. Jenkins spoke up for him and told the prophet that he had. “The Lord wants you know that it wasn’t him who gave you this stroke. The enemy has seen what I have seen, that you are one of My own and that you have been getting closer and closer to stepping into My calling on your life. I have called you to the mission fields in Columbia and your heart has received my call. You were beginning to make plans, to learn the language and to organize provision when you had your stroke. Is that correct?”

Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins nodded as they cried. The prophet continued, “What the enemy has attempted to steal from you I will now give you back. And when I do, I want to go where I have called you. Go to Columbia and I will be with you there. I will bring about a change in the lives of thousands of people by the work you do in building my Kingdom there. I will give you favor with the people and my blessing on you will be increased seven fold in response to the attack of the enemy on your life. Now stretch out your hand and be healed, my light now shines on you.”

Instantly, Mr. Jenkins hand came loose, then his arm regained full range of motion. He stood and began to wave his arm so everyone could see it and as he did, his face and leg and all of his injuries were completely healed! He started to jump and run around the room and everyone was freaking out! Nolan had never seen a healing miracle done before, it was just like what he read about Jesus! Even the demon fighter people were shocked when they saw this and they had seen some crazy stuff. The true power of God had just broken out in the room and a handful in the church had seen it up close. The Jenkins family would move to Columbia within two weeks but the story would remain among those who believed. Many in the church who weren’t there, would never believe it happened that way, it was common for people in the church who weren’t there to say things were impossible and people must be exaggerating but Nolan was right there watching it.

Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins were both running around the room hugging everyone and Mr. Jenkins showed off his healing to all 60 of the people in the room. After hugging and thanking the prophet he told them to thank God and make sure to do what He had told them and go to Columbia quickly. With the room still in an uproar of love, thanks, praises and hugs, the prophet looked over at Nolan. No-one was paying any attention to Nolan but the prophet saw him and walked over to where he was standing.

“Young man” he said, “I have a word for you from the Lord but you will be the only one in the room who gets to hear it so remember what I say and hold closely to it.” Nolan nodded and the prophet continued, “You will one day be the leader of an underground church movement in the end times. You fulfill the great commission and cause the return of Jesus Christ to the establish His Kingdom on the earth. The world will change and great darkness will fall on the earth but He has chosen you to be a great light in the last and darkest hour. You will create a system outside of the system and you will lead the final charge of the great battle before all things are restored.” Nolan looked around and nobody was listening. But the words were etched in his mind. After that the prophet wrapped up and Nolan and his mom headed home. 

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