Recognition Pt. 4

As the boys began to argue over whether or not the log floating by was a gator, Nolan, the park director and the witches were all stricken with terror. Nobody was showing though, they had to keep their cool or people would start putting pieces together. The witches had heard David saying Nolan’s name and one of them quietly pulled out the picture she had drawn from the vision the night before. She wrote Nolan at the top and asked the park director to chat up the teacher and see if he could get any more information about the kid. The two witches would put together a hex bag later for the young prophet.

Nolan had no idea that he was a prophet, but the witches knew. They identified them and kept the most up to date list they could, of prophets in the area. There was always a war against born prophets. If they ever found out what they were and lived it out, their lives would expose and destroy the work the dark soldiers put in. They would curse young prophets, they would run them out of town, they would try to get them to join up with the dark side and if they felt threatened enough they would kill a boy like Nolan.

Nolan never thought any of this was a gift. He felt weird, like no-one could understand him and he couldn’t talk to anyone. So as he was trying to deal with seeing the witches from his nightmare last night, out in the real world today, he had no choice but to withdraw from what the other kids were doing. He looked away from the witches on the bench as he walked back down the river viewing deck towards the water fountain. One of the women said hello to him as he walked past and in an act of instinctive politeness he looked her in the eyes, gave a small wave and said hello back. The light from within him pierced her and she could feel it. It was conviction but she didn’t recognize it.

Nolan walking away from all of the kids gave the park director a chance to ask his teacher if everything was ok with him. He smiled big and friendly and chatted about this and that with her the rest of the day as he took mental notes about Nolan. He found out his school, his last name, that he had social struggles and that he wasn’t a great student. His teacher said he was sweet, because politeness was the only thing he really excelled at. Average student, average athlete, polite but still can’t get along with people, this kid seemed destined to be a nobody. 

The park director never did understand the kingdom of light system. God was always using the nobodies to do the biggest things. Nolan was a little bit hidden and little bit safe because they couldn’t discern a calling on him. Still, he had the gift and he had been recognized for it. They would head down the hubcap hamburger place with Nolan on a list of people to target. They knew way too much about him but they still didn’t know one important detail. They didn’t know yet that he was part of the group who had been protecting the bride of satan girl. Nolan was already on a list and his reputation was building.

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