Recognition Pt. 1

Nolan was glad to see the sun rise. It had been a long night and he didn’t understand any of his dreams so the whole torturous night carry any meaning. It was just another night of troubled sleep. Outside Nolan’s window, he could see the sign to the movie theatre and the Red Lobster. He loved to see the sun coming up over the Red Lobster sign, it meant the nightmares were over for today. That sign was the most comfort he ever had from his dreams. It also made him a little bit hungry and he could hear his mom stirring in the down the hall working on laundry with some praise music playing. He decided to get up and join her.

When he walked in the room she was glad to see him. Nolan started folding the towels and his mom started to tell him about church. The couple who had recently joined the church and gotten involved with the deliverance team had been a big help yesterday. The bride of satan girl just kept being found in people’s houses and it didn’t seem safe to keep hiding her here. So the new couple had reached out to a church down in Louisiana. They had agreed to take her in and the pastor approved of the whole thing. That pastor turned out to be a lodge brother and had some connections in this area so it all seemed like a divine setup.

Nolan was a little sick upon hearing this. He didn’t really know what was happening but he had just seen that bride of satan lady in his dream. She was about to be thrown into a witches caldron with a goat just a few hours ago and now he finds out she was moved out of state. It seemed like there should be a connection and there was, but neither of them would have ever suspected it. The new couple were satanists who had infiltrated the church, the pastor’s ‘Christian’ secret society was anything but Christian and the bride of satan lady had been secretly smuggled to her doom. How could anyone have known it was going to happen that way?

None of it sat well with Nolan but he didn’t say anything. Nobody wanted to hear about his nightmares, he’d been having them as long as anyone could remember and his parents had to put their foot down. When he was a toddler he would run and hide in his parents bed from the terrors of night but they made him stop. He had to learn to sleep on his own. Just tell it to leave in Jesus name if anything attacks you in your sleep was the only advice his parents knew how to give. And in some cases that was the right advice, like when there was a monster or a giant attacking him in the night. They did leave when he told them to. But the rest of the dreams were not something that anyone around Nolan knew anything about, except his grandmother. She never told a soul about her dreams but as it turned out she was a soldier too.

After he finished folding clothes with his mom, Nolan went off to get ready for the big field trip. He loved going to the Indian mounds and eating at the hubcap hamburger place. There was something about that place that just drew people in, they would come from all over the state to visit that location in the middle of nowhere. The hamburgers weren’t actually the size of a hubcap, they were bigger than normal though. Maybe back when hubcaps were first invented they were smaller. There was just something about that place and those burgers that made people feel good and kept them coming back. Despite the night of crazy dreams, today would be better than a normal school day. Today, might even be good for a change.

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