The Supplanting Pt. 4

After the witches finished cursing Nolan, they prepared for the sacrifice. It was a hot spring night in the south. All you could hear was wind, bullfrogs and cicadas screaming in the night. The noise would cover the sounds of the screaming around the fire. They were close enough to another human being to be heard anyway, the large property was off limits under federal law. They began to call up the spirit of Ra to take authority over the United States and to raise up the governor into the highest position in the land to do Ra’s bidding. 

The demons and ghosts of the giants were howling with the wind and screaming with the cicadas. In Nolan’s dream he could hear the outcry of the spirit world as he was dragged closer to the caldron. Over at the plantation, the chains in the slave quarters began to rattle as the dark priest called for the release of Ra from his chains in Tartarus. The sounds of the chains rode the wind all across the open country. The cotton fields could hear it clearly and so could Nolan.

Ra pulled against his chains with all of his power. His children’s spirits committed themselves to the governor on behalf of their father but the judgement was final. Not yet. Ra could not be released until the end of the 1,000 year period that would come after the modern world’s system was dismantled. Many of the witches danced and vibrated with the sounds of the chains. Everyone in the group took in at least one of the demons to aid them supernaturally in bringing Ra to power. 

The demons hated Nolan that night because he was the chosen vessel of the proclamation from the kingdom of light. “Ra is fallen” had to be spoken in order to refute the entire ceremony. Still the powers of darkness fell on the governor and the nation. The current president had invoked a god of his own as would the next, this was part of the order of the dark kingdom. The Americas were very important in the spiritual world. They had spent thousands of years ruling this land.

When the prophet had cursed his grandson after the flood, that grandson’s name was Canaan. His children became a great nation and they learned the genetic engineering necessary to bring back the giants after the flood. It was an act of witchcraft through science as so often is the case. But the God of gods took a single man, a supplanter and created a nation out of him to overthrow the Canaanite giants. Many giants were killed but many also fled the wrath.

They fled north towards Turkey and found homes all across Europe. They migrated to the UK and created the druid society. They migrated from one place to another until they found the Americas. The peoples of the earth in Africa, Europe and Asia would all kill off the giants. But in the Americas they remained hidden for thousands of years. They created legends like Atlantis and Shangri-La after the land of the Americas and told them to the spirits of their dead brothers. These spread their religion to the pagans across the earth. When they were destroyed here, they were devastated. But by their own spirits they would prophecy their own return.

Just as the giants of Canaan had been uprooted and replaced by humans all across the earth, their secret religions worked to bring about their return. They worked to have the gods released, to raise the evil dead to life and once again inhabit their flesh of their own. They had to rule over the institutions of the earth so that the same direction was always followed, but they also had to remain hidden to the world. Today, the rise of a new god over the nation began, so that the next piece of the puzzle could be advanced in the earth. Nolan had stood in the way, and all he was trying to do was sleep.

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