The Supplanting Pt. 3

As the gathering for the witches holiday got started, Nolan was drifting back off to sleep. The gathering had over 200 witches and leaders of coven from around the state. They met occasionally to organize drug trafficking in the area and tonight they spent a quick few minutes discussing drop points, then they got to the real business of the evening. As the ghosts of the dead giants swirled around the meeting and interacted through the activities of the people in the group, Nolan began to see faces in his dreams.

He would see one trying to bite him and another fly past trying to touch him or grab him. Some of these dead giants would try to do sexual things to Nolan dreams like this, even though he wasn’t old enough to know what was happening. It was all terrifying but it wasn’t the first time. He could feel each interaction between the people at the witches gathering. It was his spiritual territory, he held a position over it and so they attacked him. 

Tonight was even worse than usual, he had just made a proclamation in the spirit world. When Nolan cried out, “Ra is fallen” it was the final word against the ritual they were about to do. In some ways the ritual would succeed but Ra would not be raised, he would remained in chains, in the darkness of the lowest place inside the earth. The demons wanted to kill Nolan that night but they didn’t have that kind of authority over him.

After a couple of hours of this, the party moved to the mounds. They built a large fire near the alter of the ancients, here they would do tonights sacrifice. Nolan’s dream shifted as the meeting did, the ghostly attackers faded away and he found himself in a room. He was on the floor behind a couch and he peeked around to see what was happening in the middle of the room. He saw many witches gathered around a caldron with a fire underneath. They had a goat and a girl, Nolan looked closely as he realized that it was the bride of Satan girl from the church! The one the pastor had grabbed out of the air, the one they had been moving from house to house!

Nolan tried to run but his legs wouldn’t work. His feet turned to sand as he tried to crawl away to the door but the witches spotted him. They chased him down and grabbed him and we woke up in terror. Back at the mounds a few of the witches had seen him in a vision. They drew a picture of him to keep so they would remember to be looking for him and to curse him often. The last thing they needed was some child prophet watching what they did in darkness. Nolan was now a target of some of the highest ranking witches in the state but Nolan thought it was just another night terror.

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