Tale of the Demigods Pt. 3

There were fallen angles in many of the stars in the sky, including the dragon himself, the highest Satan. These were the leaders of what would become thought of as good. Then deep inside of the earth there was the holding place of the dead. The lowest Satan who went by the name of Death ruled over the inner earth. Under that place is where the 70 gods were held in the lowest place that exists inside the earth. The spirits of the dead demigods lived on the earth itself. The demigods helped the ‘good’ satans in the sky and the ‘evil’ satans in the place of the dead to stir up trouble on the earth. They all worked together in one unified kingdom of darkness, as above so beneath.

During the original rise of Babylon, the Babylonians redefined the things of old by the leading of the dark kingdom. They didn’t know about the highest God and created the foundations of earthly thinking based on a pagan polytheism. Out of that very place one man chose to step away from those pagan beliefs and he sought after the truth. The highest God saw this man and called him out of Babylon to become a nation. 

This nation would serve many function for God on the earth. They would establish his authority over a people who could supplant nations and uproot the authority of the gods. They could be a vehicle for his superior power to be displayed to all nations on the earth. But the greatest purpose of all, was to one day place himself on the earth to supplant and take all power and authority away from the demigods, the gods and the satans. 

The ultimate destruction of evil meant the final doom of the dark kingdom. The first death was the temporary separation from God in which the kingdom of darkness had set up its rule. But the second death, the final judgement, was a place of eternal separation from God. Many of us know it as hell and this lake of fire sits waiting for the appointed time. The entire working of the kingdom of darkness is to prevent the final judgement from taking place. As long as they have some right to exist in their current form, the judgement cannot take place. Nolan didn’t know it, but his life would one day be lived on the front lines of this battle in the last moments of time leading up to the final judgement.

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