Tale of the Demigods Pt. 2

After the flood the prophet and his children began to reestablish the earth. But within just a few years, the sin system invaded again. The demigod who were now demons and ghosts wandering the earth, found an opportunity to strike. One of the prophets sons committed an act of unrighteousness. The prophet responded by speaking an evil judgement over him. If he had simply forgiven the man and restored him to right standing, the righteousness of man could have continued but it just wasn’t meant to be. 

Neither the prophet nor his son knew the true roots of the conflict. They had never dealt with evil spirits before this point. The trick the evil spirits played on the two men was to put an idea in each of their heads that wasn’t their own thought and put feelings into them that weren’t their feelings. It sounded just as if they were thinking and felt as if they were feeling but it wasn’t them. The demigods tempted the son into doing wrong and then angered the prophet into speaking a curse over his own son.

That’s all it took for the demigods to begin building the systems of the old world back up. A curse needed to be spoken but it also needed a cause. When the son sinned it allowed the fallen realm to demand the fulfillment of the curse in the courts of heaven. Everything was weighed in the balances of God before it could ever be allowed to occur and because the curse was justified by the sin, it landed on one man who would become many nations. The 70 gods may have been locked away but the serpent was still trying to become the god of the earth through the other fallen ones. These evil spirit of the dead giants were just what he needed to create his system again. The rest of the fallen vowed to enslave mankind under the sin system and set up the serpent as god over the earth. They also vowed to raise the 70 gods back up from the pit. 

Now everything in the unseen realm works by one of the two logical systems of the spirit world. The fallen ones knew  that by teaching the world the knowledge of good and evil they could always divide and conquer. This logical system would keep humans under the thumb of unholiness as long as they agreed to it. It was fair and sounded right to men that evil and good should fight. Every man considered himself and good and those who opposed him evil so it didn’t take much effort to convince them that this pride was correct thinking. The highest Satan gave orders to the Satans, that is the fallen angels, and the demons, that is the fallen demigods, to just stir the pot continuously and let mankind think it was doing the right thing as it destroyed all of the highest God’s creation. 

As time wore on mankind raised up nations and the nations were always directed towards the ways of the old gods. Their sons would even pretend to be them and though the evil spirits didn’t have bodies, they did have powers. They formed military ranks amongst themselves and worked with the nations. Their ultimate goal was to kill all of God’s people in league with the satans. This proved an impossible challenge as the angels of God protected his people but the satans were playing the long game. They couldn’t kill every one of God’s people but they could kill some. The rest they would buffet with trouble and wrong teaching. As their first great empires rose the satans grew near to controlling the earth by the use of the control systems they had used before the flood. But the war was on, God had stepped in and given the 70 nations, 70 languages to prevent them from working together. As the satans found ways around this through trade and diplomacy, the kingdom of Heaven created a nation of its own.

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