Tale of the Demigods Pt.1

Training was a form of fathering and the gods had used it to father most of mankind. After that they became greedy and decided to actually father physical earthly children. These children became giants and monsters, kings and warriors. These became the great legends of the ancient world. They led the people into war, they enslaved masses for great public works projects, many were brilliant and led the people in great works of science and art. They had a different nature from mankind.

Now the demigods begat more demigods as they had children all across the world. Slowly they began to spread the DNA of the fallen ones into all the nations. They were the rulers of the world and humans with original DNA were becoming scarce. All the ideas the people knew, all the things people did and even the very nature of people had become evil. Soon the trap set of evil in the world of humans would be subverted. That is when the judgement came down swiftly and harshly from the God of gods.

He found a man who still loved him, who still knew him, who knew the old roads. The God of gods put an idea into the man that burned in him until he had to speak words like fire to the fallen ones. The man went to them on their mountain and told them the all that was burning inside of him. He said that the 70 gods would be forced to watch their children die as they went to war against each other. At the end of the wars the gods would be locked in a dungeon until an appointed time and the earth would be flooded. Only the family of the prophet himself would be saved from the flood as the sins of the earth were washed away in a great baptism. 

Even worse, the children of the gods, all the demigods, would be forced to wander the earth without bodies. They would become ghosts and evil spirits on the earth sent to wander until the appointed time of the final judgement of evil that was to come through the families of men. The gods bowed to the ground and wept at their punishment! They pleaded for mercy but they had shown none to the children of earth. They had tormented and devoured humans, they had enslaved their thinking and made them worship and mate with evil creatures. The punishment was just. Mankind had watched its children die for hundreds of years, they had been locked in their own minds unable to return to the highest God. The children of man had been reduced to bodies without spirits wandering the earth like cattle.

Hundreds of years of war between the demigods followed as their were given over to a depraved mind. They committed every kind of atrocity against each other that they had committed against mankind. But what none of them knew, is that these events would give opportunity to the highest God to secretly invade the earth one day. That part of the judgement would remain hidden for thousands of years. God too, would have a son, God too would put his nature into the children of men. The sins of the earth would be wash away with a different word of fire, a different baptism entirely. The gods had opened the door to their own destruction and at the end of the hundreds of years of war and devastation, the flood came, the earth was baptized. 

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