Beyond the Curtain Pt.4

Now the sin system was hard to see on this side of the veil. Because of the sin system there were the two deaths, blessing and cursing, rules and accusations, and of course the veil itself. Anyone who broke the rules of the supernatural world could be isolated and separated from the creator God, they could be accused and cursed. Ultimately, the darkness covered the eyes of mankind until few even remembered the rules of the hidden system. The one death could separate flesh from spirit and anyone found to have disobeyed any of the rules would come under the power of the dark kingdom. Their spirits would go into the place where death himself lived, under the earth. But the second death was the holding place of all those in the kingdom of darkness, they would be separated into that place forever. 

Now multiplication and subdivision was the way of the spiritual world. God and the gods could all send out small parts of themselves to help others have a part of them. But because of death, each person was attached to their own spirit. There were only two ways for humans to multiply and subdivide. They could have children and their offspring would carry a portion of their spirit throughout all generations. Each family line was connected from the beginning of mankind until the last living human in the bloodline. There was hope throughout the generations if one remained alive.

The other way for mankind to multiply and subdivide was by training. Anyone could give of their own experience by teaching and training others. This was one way that parents passed down their own knowledge through the generations but it was so much more than that. This was how to create cultures, empires, and power in the earth. When many men learned a plan and acted upon it, they could move mountains and dig up valleys. They could build towers, armies and technology. Mankind could create a legacy that would outlive them in the earth. Men who worked together held great power.

The fallen ones saw this and devised their evil scheme. They came down and taught men plans to create power. They told mankind they were here to help and they set up a system that would give all the power secretly back to themselves. The 70 created 70 nations and told men to work collectively for their nation. Each nation now had its own god and they worked to give power to the god in exchange for power from the god. 

The gods taught the men everything they knew about how to manipulate the earth, people, the spiritual system and anything that could be used to the nations advantage. The 70 gods reported to the serpent and the entire system referred to him as God. The 70 gods also saw the power of physical reproduction. They had used the power of training men and collective work to rule over them. Each nations god would subdivide its spirit and give a part of itself to each human in the nation who was willing to work for them. The gods empowered human progress through the enslavement of all mankind. But there was still more power to be had.

The next thing the gods did was an act of war against the true God that would bring down a wrath never seen before from the source of love and light. The hatred of this act made it loving for the gods to receive a horrible punishment. The gods began to use human reproduction, the one thing protecting the generations of men from eternal damnation, as a means to establish their own kingdoms for all time. At this time the gods began to create the demigods. 

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