Beyond the Curtain Pt.3

The older legends of the gods and demigods of the various religions of the world are a lot like the legends of the great humans. Thousands of years ago there was a group of angels that had left the one original kingdom of light and life and created a kingdom of their own. One of the opposite characteristics but a spiritual kingdom that, once established could have not end. It was impossible for the good and evil to regroup and become a single kingdom again because the dark ones could never be redeemed. There was no way to bring unity again. To deal with that evil, God created humans. Our existence would replace the fallen ones, fill the house of God and bring the final judgement upon evil in the universe. 

Much like atoms struggle to function without the right number of electrons, neither kingdom can rest until this situation is set in order. Had the fallen ones never attempted to overthrow the kingdom of light, the war never would have happened. The creation itself chose to fight against its creator and the pattern of the war was established from that time until the final conclusion played itself out. 

The stars revealed the it all. The highest God, the creator of all, has a star in the highest heaven. He made every creature that has a spirit to also have a star and as new creations are formed, like a new child being born, new stars are formed. They are set in order to reveal the story. The serpent, who was chosen by the fallen ones to be the leader of their kingdom, knows all about the stars revealing the story. That’s why one of the first deceptions on earth was to teach people another meaning for the stars. But all the universe still revolves around the highest heaven and the star of God remains constant. 

The leaders of the kingdom of darkness know many truths. They know that somehow mankind was created to end their kingdom, and they know that an eternal, tormenting fire was created to contain the rebels in the sky. That’s why they decided the first attack would be to deceive mankind. They deceived them in the original garden, they deceived the first sons into fighting, they deceived them into forming groups and deceived the groups to be against each other. 

One day, 70 of their leaders and the serpent too, came to teach a system that would completely destroy the knowledge of God. They taught that they created the earth, the sun, moon and stars, and mankind itself. They taught that they and the earth were much older than people knew and thus superior to the memory of God. They taught religions, methods of war, science, mathematics, spells, charms, potions, sexual deviations, all manner of education, all manner of witchcraft and all the ways to manipulate the earth and each other. They taught themselves to be the gods and the serpent as the god of gods. It was all brand new but to the human who didn’t know God, it all seemed to make sense. To the few that remembered the highest God, they told them He didn’t car about them anymore and that he wasn’t good to them. This was the great deception of the earth, the creation of the sin system.

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