Beyond the Curtain Pt. 2

The beings of the unseen dimension each had a body that could travel between dimensions. These had come to be known as angels or gods on the visible realm. Even God himself had one of these for times when he needed to wield absolute power. The angels of each kingdom would work closely with the soldiers. They used the powers of the unseen dimension and the words of the gods and of the highest God to connect with the forces of the earth and words of men. It was all connected through words and agreements between the world we see and the world we don’t. 

There were many people who unknowingly gave their power as an individual and their words over to spiritual forces without even knowing it. But the ones who understood the war, the ones who knew, their lives became the stuff of legends. Legends in this world are told about the being from the invisible world, but over there, we are the legends. They tell the stories of the humans who broke through the fog and began to fight in the great war. 

Nolan didn’t know it but he was already starting to get a reputation with the members of the two kingdoms. God had taken notice of what Nolan was trying to do, and the Satans were all beginning to recognize it as well. Nolan was taking slow steps down the road that the warriors travelled. He was studying the Bible to know God, he was asking God to teach him things, he was dreaming and traveling the invisible world as he slept. 

The legends of the ones who fly as they sleep had been told for thousands of years on the other side of the veil. Both kingdoms would fight hard to get such a soldiers to fight on their side. Nolan was one of those equipped with the nature of a human that could move heaven and earth to take ground for the kingdom he fought for. And for those who joined God’s kingdom, often the Satans would rather kill them than see them destroy the evil they used to enslave the minds of the masses. This was big, Nolan didn’t know it but his life gaining the attention of the armies of both kingdoms. He needed to be protected and trained so that he could become this man of destiny and the legends to be told in eternity.

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