Beyond the Curtain Pt.1

Now most people don’t know this but there is a world that drives our world. Sometimes we catch a glimpse of this world out of the corner of our eyes, or we see a ghost or have a dream that takes us to the other side. All religious beliefs come from the other side, all decisions come from the other side and every power that drives life from national to individual are driven by the goings that we can’t see.

There are two kingdoms on the other side that are at war. That invisible war is always playing out in the everyday lives of humans, in politics, and in the planet and the sky. Most people never consider that the war is even happening. They live in a prison without walls, able to walk away at any time but clueless as to what is happening. A few figure out how to position themselves to thrive and rise to the heights on the waves created as the kingdoms clash. These too are only vaguely aware of the tides they ride. Then there are the soldiers.

In both kingdoms there are soldiers on the ground. Human who know exactly what they’re doing, working together with one kingdom or the other. These are not like the soldiers of the earth, with uniforms and national loyalties. The loyalty of these soldiers is global and lies with one of the two kingdoms. These soldiers go almost entirely unnoticed or dismissed by the unaware. Those who ride the tides attempt to use these soldiers to gage the direction they need to go. But the soldiers recognize each other. They occupy every walk of life and though they are rarely the ones the world looks at as being in charge, these are the ones who control what happens on the earth. These are the ones who move the kingdoms so that the kingdom will move the world.

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