The Old Roads Pt. 3

DJ held up the Sunday morning paper, he was an avid reader. DJ and Charlie connected when talking about the news. They both understood different viewpoints of what was happening behind the scenes. Charlie had worked for a major accounting firm in Washington D.C. while Nixon was in office. He knew a few things about what goes on behind the curtain in the world of news, politics and big business. DJ knew where news, politics and big business was connected to the criminal world. It wasn’t all criminal, but there were a lot of connections. 

The plane crash investigation result were in the news today. The evangelist’s plane had crashed and the official story was now out. Mechanical failure was the story the papers were telling the world. Nothing suspicious, nothing unusual, move along from the sad story, nothing to see here according to the papers. DJ pointed to the article and gave Charlie a chance to read it. The he lit a cigarette and the waitress at the grocery store came by to refill the coffee. She gave Nolan his donuts and went back off to work.

It was a dark little diner with a single light over each table. As the smoke began to swirl through the lit area, DJ began to speak. “You know what’s an easy way for someone with the right connections to get rid of somebody Charlie?” He asked rhetorically. “A plane crash. Yup, just a few little wires or a pilot that can get outa there before they hit the ground and you’ve got yourself an accident all wrapped up in a bow. The papers don’t mind calling it an accident when they’re told to.”

“Is that right?” Asked Charlie, already aware that it was right. “You know I heard the governor has had some dealings with people who died in plane crashes in recent years.”

“He sure has,” DJ replied as he saw that Charlie was picking up what he was putting down. “I’ve heard a thing or two else about that governor you got down here. Did you see the stories about that airport a few months back? The one out in the middle nowhere?”

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