The Old Roads Pt.2

That next morning Nolan and his dad Charlie went off to have breakfast with the church janitor, DJ. DJ was a personality profile invented by the witness protection program. Church janitor DJ was intended to be an easily forgettable personality and for most people he was. But Charlie had a wisdom about him that DJ recognized. He had tested this man with small nuggets to see if he reading Charlie right. Charlie always seemed to pass the test and church janitor DJ opened up to Charlie a little bit.

It was fascinating to Nolan, listening to the two men talk. They spoke in the direction of a thing that they couldn’t talk about but they never actually said it. They understood each other without needing to spell everything out. DJ couldn’t talk any other way, he had secrets that would cost him his life. He had gotten himself in a situation where he would go to prison and then be murdered inside. Witness protection was his only way out. He didn’t even have to offer them all he knew, DJ just offered them what they thought they wanted. He was a man who had done too much and he knew too much about the system of the underworld and who the players were.

DJ noticed little things around the church too. The slightest hint of connection to the underworld was as obvious to DJ as a fireworks show. He sniffed out many things and passed them to Charlie and Charlie would help the church know how to handle the situation. It was a valuable partnership in a place that was trying to have a move of God. Moves of God drew the attention of the underworld and they would try to infiltrate and control and subvert and profit from moves of God in many different ways. It was good to have people on the inside, who knew what was happening.

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