Immersion Pt. 1

By the end of the week Nolan was up to his ears in confusion. He had been given new life, but he didn’t know what to do with it. No-one was helping him figure it out either. He stayed up a few times trying to read his Bible but it was really too much for him to figure out quickly. He tried reading some of the coolest books like Revelation. John must have been a dreamer like him, because this book was full of the kinds of crazy things Nolan would often dream about. But he really wasn’t learning much in the way of what to do or how everything worked. 

He decided to read a book at a time out of the Bible at night after he was supposed to be in sleeping. It was hard to sleep most nights and he sure didn’t want to sleep if he could avoid it. The Bible was hard to read for Nolan, so he just read it in small bits. It would put him to sleep but he would ask God to help him know what it meant because he just needed to know. He had tried to talk to his parents and they told him to talk to the pastor, so when the weekend came he decided to try that.

Sunday morning rolled around and Nolan found the pastor in the hallway. “I got saved at the stadium this week.” Nolan told him. “What am I supposed to do now?”

Pastor Jerry said, “Well do you want to get baptized?”

Nolan had seen people baptized before. They had to get up in front of everyone and get dunked in the water. They made a big deal out of the whole thing but Nolan didn’t really understand it. He asked Pastor Jerry, “Do I have to do that?” Now Pastor Jerry found himself in an argument that had nothing to do with Nolan. He started to explain how baptism doesn’t save you, and you’re saved by faith in Jesus alone. And well, Nolan didn’t want to go up in front of the whole church to do something that was so unnecessary. Pastor Jerry told Nolan it was good to get baptized but he didn’t have to and Nolan respectfully declined.

Pastor Jerry left Nolan there, in the hallway, wondering what to do. The best advice he was going to find was that the next step isn’t necessary. In children’s church they studied more Bible stories and did the flash paper trick to explain how important the Bible was. It seemed like the Bible had to be the answer to all of this, because no-one else really knew what else to do. That meant Nolan would need to figure it out himself. Nolan was a little bit jealous of the disciples. At least they had someone to show them what was going on.

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