The Stadium Pt.4

Nolan was moved inside by what was happening. The man in black was touching his heart. He sounded like one of the guys from the smoking hole when he talked. Nolan could feel a lot of things moving around. It was like wind was blowing on him and leaving him with a tingle where ever it hit. Nolan felt something new, it wasn’t like church, something big was happening. It wasn’t just a big crowd anymore, now it was starting to get important and special. He could feel tears starting to flow slowly out the side of his right eye. He tried to soak up the feeling of the moment and yet hoped no one saw his tears.

Normally, he expected people to be insincere. Kids at school were always setting him up, people at church were always keeping secrets and his parents told him things they didn’t believe about him. His parents would say whatever the most recent parental research said they were supposed to say but they didn’t mean it. Teachers would say he was smart when everyone knew he was stupid. People never told the truth to Nolan and he didn’t normally trust what anyone said. But something was happening inside of him. Nolan believed every word the man in black was preaching, it was as if they knew each other inside their souls.

The man in black was from the same place Nolan was from, they had not lived similar lives but Nolan could see the movie in his head of the man in black’s life as he spoke. He loved this feeling, he loved seeing the movie in his head when people spoke or sang. It made his brain tingle with this most enjoyable feeling and now that feeling was coming over his whole body. It seemed like the people around him could feel it too. It was exciting and overwhelming and Nolan just wanted more.

After the man in black preached, he introduced the evangelist. Finally, the packed, overflowing stadium would get what they came for. Someone was going to tell us help all the church people find Jesus. How could it be that thousands upon thousands of church people still needed to find Jesus? Nolan didn’t think too much about the details of it but the feeling was incredible. Everyone was expecting something to happen. It was a once in a lifetime experience or at least it was for Nolan’s young life.

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