The Call Pt. 5

The light that came from the room was blinding! Nolan couldn’t see anything for several seconds. But the key man took him by the hand and walked him into the room. Not only was the light blinding but the feeling of power was impossible to withstand! Nolan literally fell down once the key man let go of his hand. It was more than his body, his brain or his emotions could process, complete overload of every system.

Nolan didn’t think he was going to survive, he felt like he may never get up. When he had completely given up hope of being able to do anything on his own, things started to dull enough that he could see and stand. As he looked up, he saw two strange creatures, like from a movie or something. They had wings spread across the room, each one had a wing on each wall and then the other wings were touching in the middle of the room. Just under the place where they were touching was a pair of large chairs with the light sitting in one chair.

There was a circle of chairs all the way around the main chairs too. Each one had someone in it and each one was a different color. Between the pure white light seated on the center chair and the two dozen chairs circled around it, there were fires floating in the air. Each fire was a different color. As he looked at the setup he realized that it looked like a color wheel that he saw in art class.

The fog of the rainbow cloud filled the whole place and the light was brighter than anything Nolan had ever seen. There was a green light that kind of came off of everything too. Nolan looked closely and saw a coal in the middle of the light on the big chair. Then he looked at the key man who motioned for him to pay attention. Then the key man walked over and sat on the other seat, right next to the light! He started to shine just like the light and Nolan could see a coal inside of him too!

Nolan could feel the fiery coals inside of his stomach burning and spinning at the same time as the ones he saw inside the two lights on the center chairs. This was so intense! Then he saw under the chairs and water was coming out. It was the water that made the river! The water came from underneath the chairs and went out under the tent and became that amazing river that he flew in on.

Nolan tried to take it all in, the grape vines and olive branches carved into everything, the room of thrones designed like a color wheel, the winged things, the weird box with the poles that was in there for some reason. He was trying to see it, feel it, remember it, understand it but he didn’t have time. Quickly after the key man sat down and showed his coal and his light, Nolan started to grow. His feet sank down into the ground and his head got closer to the sealing until he popped right out of the top!

Nolan felt huge! The entire palace tent was now inside of him! The river was coming right out of his stomach and the two trees on each side of the river were in front of him. He felt his arms lifting towards the trees. He planted an elbow at the base of the tree on the right and watched as his arm became the trunk. Then he did the same on his left. And finally, he spread out his fingers and they became branches. Fruit and leaves were growing right out of his hands.

Nolan felt the wind blow and watched as the leaves on his finger rustled in the breeze. He opened his mouth as if he just had to, the palace tent was burning inside of him and the smoke was rising to come out of his mouth. He blew it out and with it came a loud yell, like an old man yelling at a dog. The fruit will grow all year around and the leaves are for the healing of the nations! It felt so good to yell that out, like he had been wanting to scream it out his whole life! He did it again, “The fruit will grow all year around and the leaves are for the healing of the nations!”

As he yelled, Nolan watched the colorful fog come out of his mouth and make a pathway along the top of the river. Nolan followed in the fog as he went back to his normal size and began to fly back down the river. He looked back to see that the city and the palace tent were still standing as they were when he arrived. He flew between the two trees and past the beautiful land back towards the falls. He could see the fog leading him back over the edge.

Nolan flew out over the edge expecting to just keep flying but he didn’t. He fell! He was very high in the air and the fall felt just the way awake falling feels. He was scared and out of control. Miles and miles down he went back to the giant body of water at the bottom of the falls. When he finally reached the water, Nolan rolled around to land on his back and splashed down into the water.

As soon as he hit the water, he woke up! He took the biggest gasp for air and his body bounced about 2 feet in the air. He was completely off the mattress! He landed back down with a thud and bounced several times as if jumping on the bed. When the springs had settled, he could still feel his heart racing and was trying to catch his breathe. He thought about the dream for a few minutes as he calmed down. At least nothing had tried to boil him in a pot tonight. And back to sleep he went, dreaming something else before he was even all the way out.

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