The Call Pt.3

Two of them looked were very tall and muscular, they looked like guards. They were extremely serious in their look and attitude. You didn’t want to cross them and yet at the same time they looked like they cared, like they loved him. The third man was average height with a well trimmed beard and hair down to his chin. They weren’t saying anything and yet Nolan was learning a great deal from them. The air was alive, the tent was alive, the ground was alive, but these guys were more than alive! They had some kind of power coming out from them. You could feel them as you stood next to them and those feelings had information and messages somehow.

In a way it was hard to even stand next to these three guys. Nolan felt like he was being pushed by their existence. But at the same time if he allowed that push to just flow through him, it felt like being loved. He didn’t feel love like this when he was awake. He didn’t feel love like this ever! It was like when someone does something so touching that it’s hard to accept that it was even real. Like if something was so good that you couldn’t even believe it happened. It was that run away from this crazy person because they couldn’t possibly be this nice or good feeling. Like there was a trick or a secret and soon you’d have to find out they were a monster trying to kidnap and eat you. But there was no trick here, it was just unbelievably good. Scary, crazy, amazing love was just blowing off of these three guys like wind blows from the ocean as a storm rolls in.

There at the entrance to the palace tent, next to the golden grill, feeling the wind of love and the power of existence coming off of the three men Nolan’s anticipation began to build. The sparks blew up off of the fire and an actual wind began to blow them around from inside the palace tent. What was in there? Then one of the men told him to breathe it in. So Nolan breathed deeply and the fire and smoke and wind all came into him. It didn’t make him choke like smoke when he was awake. It made him feel something new! That power that was coming from the men and the tent and the wind, began to come into Nolan! Suddenly his own existence was a force that pushed out from him, it felt like he had just accomplished something big but he was just breathing it in. It felt like life, he felt like he was breathing in life itself!

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