The Call Pt. 2

As he flew down the river he saw a world open up in front of him. It was like the kind of place they put in stock photos for website and book covers. The water was perfect, clear and strangely enough, alive. The air was alive too! There were all different colors of plants and animals placed all around, moving as if their movements and very existence was both art and message. It all told a story, it was all alive, it was all perfect, pure and beautiful! The plants spoke to the animals, the animals spoke to the people, the people spoke to the air and the water gave it all life and perfection and beauty!

In the distance Nolan saw two trees, one on each side of the river. Just past the trees there was a city and the river came out from under this crazy tent as the edge of the city! We aren’t talking about a camping tent here, we are talking about a palace that is also a tent. There was some kind of rainbow light with glittery sparkles in it. It wasn’t beaming out of the tent but it was coming out almost like a haze or a cloud. In this land of amazing things, this was the center piece, this was the most amazing thing.

The river was coming out of the side of the tent, like this was the source. Nolan flew around to the front entrance. There was some kind of a big, gold grill at the front and he could see a bunch of other things shining from the inside. He wanted to go in but he wasn’t sure if he was allowed in there. It didn’t feel like just a dream, he felt like he couldn’t be good enough to be inside. Then three men walked out the front entrance and began to speak to Nolan. Somehow he knew them and he knew they were going to help him go in.

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