The Call Pt. 1

Nolan kept waking up from his crazy dreams that night. It was just like every other night in that way. He was always waking up from his crazy dreams. Everyone said they were night terrors and he had no idea why. He didn’t tell anyone, he just stayed up late to avoid sleeping and took naps on his desk at school. It didn’t make him much of a student but at least people didn’t think he was crazy. When he was really little he figured out that his dreams were too weird for people to want to hear, so he just stopped telling about them.

Sometimes he would wake up fighting or unable to breathe like there was really something choking him in his sleep. He would hit the wall with his hand or slam his head into something, often he would fall right off the bed. He made sure to keep the area next to the bed clear so he would land on anything painful. None of really surprised Nolan anymore, he would just hit the wall or floor or whatever and get back to sleep. Tonight was not a strange night, nothing was out of place when it came to his sleep time.

Nolan rolled over and went back to sleep like every other time. Once he was sleeping he started to see his spirit leave his body. No he wasn’t dying, it did this all the time and he really didn’t know why. He thought dreams weren’t supposed to be real, like his inner child was flying around the world or they were showing him an archetype or something. That’s what the internet said mostly. So off he flew again like a dreaming Peter Pan with some inner child fairy dust.

He flew up to the huge waterfall! At first he was flying around the massive body of water at the bottom of the falls and then suddenly he went vertical. The falls were higher than the world and as he flew up them he went to a place in space that felt like a poem he read once. At the top of the falls was a river in space and strange piece of land that surrounded it. It was a beautiful place and it was time to go exploring! This was the cool part of being a weird dreamer, other people just didn’t get to experience things like this. I mean sure there were the vampires, monsters and witches trying to kill him so many nights, but this was the flip side. Flying was pure, supernatural freedom. Nolan gets to know exactly what it’s like to fly like the Pan. Maybe he couldn’t tell anyone about it, but it sure was fun!

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