The stones of time

I’m creating a story that combines fantasy with religion and brings the story of the world to life. I was going to call it the stones of time. If you’ve ever heard the concept of skipping a stone through something, it’s just like making connections from one place to another. I do intend to make connections between a variety of time periods and people, family lines and prayers answered from another lifetime. Sadly the name stones of time is already taken. So somewhere along the way I’m going to have to find a new name.

The other day I was walking around my living room, as I do everyday to get steps in while watching TV. It really helps me get my weight and the pain from my injuries under control. I usually watch preaching and teaching from the more charismatic Christian preachers. These are my people, I pray in tongues and believe in miracles and I love to know more about the biblical supernatural that is happening today. So as I’m walking around praying in tongues, I start singing in tongues. It be like that sometimes:) And I started to call myself a name, Eliakim. It was weird and when things are weird they’re important.

I went to look up the meaning of the name Eliakim and I found a wonderful message from God to me, ‘God will raise up’. It was very cool! I hope to share these kinds of strange experiences in this book series. I want to share the visions and miracles and out of body experiences and all of the stranger things about being a believer!

I know the world is experiencing spiritual things while the government schools are selling us all a story about how we are not experiencing spiritual things. Many churches don’t know how to explain it and people who search out the spiritual should be finding God. But entertainment sells us a story of the supernatural that I personally believe is false. It’s counter to the Bible but it reveals the war swirling around all of our lives. I want to just show people what I see. I want people to know that they aren’t weird, we were designed to be supernatural.

May the Lord use this book to open the eyes of millions and use those millions to form an army that reaches every nation and every people group on earth! May this book aid in the fulfillment of the great commission! May the Lord bless the eyes, ears, hearts and lives of those who read this book! May the Lord raise you up as an army, not of war, but of righteousness and love! May we use the weapons of truth and love to overcome all evil and may God bless all y’all.

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