Planning stages

I wish I knew what today would bring! It feels like the Lord is opening every door and answering every prayer today. For example, my kids found a wonderful stray dog. When they ask for a pet we always tell them to pray for one to show up stray. That’s how we got our cats but after 2 years of prayer, in walks a dog. It was probably dumped, this is the middle of nowhere to some people.

Another interesting thing happening today is the 2 week mark. I heard a prophet talk about this time and he said something was going to happen or change 2 weeks after the presidential inauguration. I don’t know what that’s going to look like but I’m excited to see! And of course, last night I turned in the last of my work for my master’s degree. I’m waiting on the results which should come today!

It’s just one thing after another right now. I’m trying to decide how to approach things. I dreamed last night of stepping into my new job and not knowing what to do. That’s how I feel right now. I’ve stepped out of school and I’m looking at doing something new but I really don’t have a clear plan. I know I want to write a book, and do some new things with the family. I know the Lord is calling me to work with youth and help out with a ministry that I love. But how exactly I’m going to do those things is just unclear.

So today begins the planning stages for me. If you’ve ever written a book before you know how important a plan is to that process. If you decide what the book will say and what order things will happen ahead of time, then you can just start filling in the story from your outline. The last time I attempted a fiction book I got about 50 pages in and realized that I don’t know enough about the content to tell the story with the detail I want. I think I’m past that now. So today begins the planning stages.

I need to pick some names and outline the story. I need to make some decisions about what parts of the readers brain I want to make fire and explode while reading! I think the visual center is really what I want to speak to. I want you to see what I’m writing the way I see it. I want you excited when you read it. I need to put stories under the stories and little hidden treasures that interconnect it all into a new world. It’s going to be fun! I need to pick the names! Names of characters are important for the same reason they are important in a dream. They tell the character of the character, they give hidden meaning that only the few will find. May the Lord bless this planning process! May the Lord bring these next steps into order in a true day of transition! May you come along side of me in the process to add blessings to each of us through the process! May you see like the seers of old and feel as if your pains are being redeemed and your troubles are being restored to glories and may God bless all y’all.

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