Time to start telling the story

I’m at the end of one journey, about to finish my master’s degree. I’ve been thinking about what to do next. I know that I want to spend some time with my children. I want to take them on little trips to see and experience new things. I also believe God is moving me into ministry. I dreamed that I should volunteer until they decided to hire me, so I guess that’s the job I’m ultimately looking for. But I also have something important on my heart and this blog is the place where it will start.

I love to write and I have several subjects that I’m interested in writing about. But there are is one basic message, one thing that I want the world to understand. I talk about it on here a lot. It’s the difference in the occult worldview and the Christian worldview. There are so many Christian authors that will teach you the Christian worldview. I haven’t found one, however; that addresses it with the occult worldview in mind. For example, a Christian author might talk about final judgement, but never address the idea more people believe in, which in reincarnation. Even people in the church think reincarnation is true even though it is not Biblical.

Because the idea isn’t Biblical, many Christian authors dismiss it out of hand or don’t even bother to mention it. The same is true with most occult ideas. Christian authors have an easy time addressing Atheism head on with the Christian worldview. But Atheists are few and far between by comparison to the occult worldview. Atheists usually fall on the side of the occult worldview when you force them to dig into the unexplained. There really are only 2 sides even though there are many expressions of the occult worldview.

It bothers me that no very few believers talk about this and the ones who do are considered strange. But the Bible discusses this subject all the time. I know God has called me to address this. America has become far more occultist in worldview than most people can see. There are people who believe that we are a Christian nation and that they are Christians by proxy. Yet these same people go to psychics, reach out to dead relatives, believe in reincarnation and karma and all sorts of occult beliefs.

As a way of opening people’s eyes, I don’t want to step out there and criticize, I just want to reveal truth! I want to open people’s eyes. I think that a youth fiction series is the best way of doing that. However, I am often told that I have a gift for encouraging people. I may try to write some encouraging books that address the subject and at the same time write some youth Christian fiction. Whatever I write, I want share all or some of it on here with you guys. I want to start posting my writing free on this blog as I get it written.

This may mean that I drop a chapter on here once or twice a week from one or more books I’m working on. Keep an eye out because I think it could be fun to let my blog readers, already have the uncut version of the books read before they come out. I may also start talking about these books in some live social media videos when the time seems right. We shall see how it plays out. May the Lord bless you and your sphere of influence through these writings. May He put His Spirit on all those who follow along to advance revival in this nation and the earth! May God Himself guide you to the destiny He created for you in advance! May your family line be transformed into the greatest revivalists in all human history and may God bless all y’all.

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