New Orleans

I don’t have any understanding of this dream but it was my night last night. So I’ll share it and maybe God will teach us things in the telling. It started out with me, an older man, and my family riding down the road in a Jeep Grand Wagoneer, like the one in the show This Is Us or the old John Candy movie. We used to have one of these when I was in high school. I pulled up to a crossroads and just before we got there I turned left onto a little mud road. This mud road went through some woods and came to a small mud parking lot. We got out of the car and walked across the street to a bus stop with a grocery store behind it.

When we walked across I found myself alone on the streets of New Orleans. I could see the Lake in the background and many people were outside talking to each other. It was warm like summer time and people were doing all sorts of outdoor activities like some kind of festival. I walked around listening to them talk and they were all saying the same basic thing. They wanted to have a revolution to reinstate the constitution! They were very upset that the constitution had been removed and they wanted it back. Everyone seemed to be ready to fight for it.

Soon Rush Limbaugh was speaking on the radio and he brought me in for an interview. He asked me what was happening out there and I told him what I had been hearing. I told him and the nation how the people of New Orleans were all talking about revolution. They wanted the constitution back. Rush could hardly believe it. This was a world upside down from what he had always been working towards. He’d spent his life trying to get people serious about stopping constitutional government from being removed and now suddenly when it was gone, they were all serious about getting it back. He had tried to stop this and it was very surreal for him. He was the reason so many people even knew what had happened or what they were missing. He had spearheaded the movement, he was the pioneer of a revolution that he never wanted to see happen. He worked to prevent it but it was here now.

When the interview ended I applied for a job. I would be a politician in New Orleans. My application was pretty funny, it said things like ‘woo woo’ at the end of sentences. But the man making the hiring decisions was a young man and he loved it! He interviewed me for the job and told he had been looking for someone exactly like me for that job. He could understand the way I talked and it connected with him. I began trying to figure out how I would live in two places. Perhaps come home on weekends? Maybe I needed a new car and apartment. The extra money would cover the costs but I would be away from my family so much. It didn’t seem like it could work.

Soon I met back up with the old man and my family. We walked to the bus stop in front of the grocery store and began to cross back towards the woods and the car. Behind us I saw what looked like a duck with two children riding on its back. I was trying to tell my family to look and when I got their attention it landed. The two kids got off at the bus stop but the animal wasn’t a duck! It was a 3 headed alligator or lizard or dragon possibly. But it wasn’t any taller than me and it looked like each head could eat a person. My kids asked if it was a dinosaur! I said I thought it might be and joked with them a little bit.

We got back into the car, the old man was in the front seat and my family in the back. This is how we had driven in as well. I started down the mud road and a car came the other way. It was one lane and muddy so I just tried to get to one side. The car ended up having to drive off the road. Then another car was parked at the entrance waiting for me before they tried to enter. I pulled back out on the highway and headed back the way I came from. I woke up as soon as I was on the road.

Now I don’t quite understand all of that. But I feel like it matters. Lord let us have understanding of your words and your ways. Lord teach our hearts to value the things that you blessed us with in this nation. May America reinstate good constitutional government and the freedom to spread your gospel across the world. May we stand in faith through the storm that is clearly upon us and watch as you melt it away and restore all things. May the people who know our God be strong and do exploits and may God bless all y’all.

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