Long food line

I had a long night of dreaming last night. I was being trained and I was seeing all sorts of changes taking place. But the most interesting thing to me was the long food line outside of our local Kroger. It was a small part of my dreaming but it really hit home. It wasn’t some generic Kroger out in the world, it was the one I go to most every week. I recognize the employees when I see them out in town. I recognize many of the shoppers who come at the same time as me. I run into family and people I know when I’m there.

In my dream I walked up to a very long line. It extended from the front door of our local Kroger down past several other stores in the shopping center. People were waiting there for hours. It looked like a Venezuelan grocery store. You just knew by the time you get inside, they are going to be out of most things. I’m hoping they have butter when it’s my turn!

People were grumbling about how badly the government had screwed things up. We were like the starving marxists we’d always been warned about. Desperate for food rations, hoping we could spread them out until the next shipment came to the stores. Obesity wouldn’t be an epidemic for much longer because our nation was going hungry.

This perfect economic storm had been caused on purpose, though most people didn’t know it. Many still believed the media when they said who was at fault. It was Trump, it was Russia, it was Republicans, it was Democrats, it was Capitalism, it was Freedom’s fault that we were here. The solution they recommended would obviously be those who created the problem in the first place.

Our nation is moving towards this kind of marxist paradise faster than and faster. But there is hope! God can teach us to make different decisions as we begin to see the results of the decisions we’ve already made. Did it help us to take God out of school or is the nation worse now than when that decision was made? Was it good to burn down our cities in organized political riots or should we keep order? Did selling and buying drugs make the world feel better or more miserable? Has working our lives away to afford nonessentials paid off or made us poor? Did walking away from family make it all work out or prevent us from growing up?

Lord may we see the results of our decisions. May we see through the lies and be aware of the decisions that have actually led us here. May the food lines be temporary and the lessons we learn last for generations! May there be enough to survive even if there isn’t enough to be comfortable! May our prayers for weight loss be answered even as our prayers for prosperity are on hold! May we see your blessings in the middle of the storm! May we work with you and not against you as a nation again and may God bless all y’all!

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