The national argument

Last night I had an interesting dream about an argument that broke out across the United States. I dreamed that a radio host was calling for a return of the old gods to America. This call was so loud that congress discussed the matter. Chuck Schumer called the idea ridiculous and crazy. He sent those proposing the idea way from congress. Then people in the streets and houses began to laugh and make fun of the notion of bringing back the old gods in the United States. But those who were for the old gods were stood their ground and an argument broke out all across the nation!

Truly this is the national argument we are always having in America but few people see it because most don’t know the true nature of the spiritual world. I found it funny that Chuck Schumer was the one who dismissed the idea. He has spearheaded the movement in many ways and yet he is Jewish and supposed to follow the God of the Bible.

He has also been part of a movement to call all opposed to it Nazi’s and Russian spies. Now if you know your history, you’ll recall that the Nazi’s called for a return to the old gods in Germany. They broke away from the tradition of Luther and yet used Luther as a false justification. They pretended to follow God while calling for paganism.

If you know your current affairs, you’ll recall that all of Russia is under the influence of a modern philosopher who also calls for the return to the ancient pagan gods. He calls for it as a global movement in fact. His idea is to encourage each nation to return to their pagan roots. This was a man that American media called the most dangerous man alive because of his ideas. Then suddenly they stopped pointing at him. My guess is that they found out they were on the same side spiritually.

The 1619 project is no different. The return to the ideals of 1619, the year before the Mayflower landed, is nothing if not a call for a return to the old gods in America. This country has been moving away from the God of the Bible and towards the pagan gods for a hundred years. The old gods have made steady and continuous progress and yet people who follow them continue to believe themselves Christians. So many are deceived now.

The truth is there is always a move in one direction or the other because these are the only true courses of action. There is a kingdom of the fallen, the old gods, the demons, the disembodied spirits of the dead Nephilim… call them what you will. This kingdom comes to deceive and enslave humanity but the truth comes to set men free from their oppression. They use the lies of slavery and oppression to further enslave and oppress those who could be free. They make up many systems that point people towards many paths in the same direction, the broad road to hell.

But praise Jesus there is another kingdom! This road has one way, a narrow path that few find. It isn’t a pathway of struggling between good and evil, it is a righteous road of living the way God says in order to exit the system. We are outlaws, ambassadors of an off world nation that the existing system is hostile towards. We have a walk and a wisdom that the world can’t grasp until it comes to the off world Kingdom of our Father!

As the nation argues good and evil, as the world begins to fight over right and wrong, we will stand here in the Kingdom of God. The gods of the world will swirl and strive but their struggle is in vain. They have already lost and as they heap up witness against themselves, securing their judgement on the great day, we have one simple task. Tell people the truth. Some will be angry, others will be set free and live forever! Praise Jesus for those who will accept this message of salvation through Jesus laying down His own life! He broke the whole system of the fallen ones! May you see the narrow way! May you take God seriously and run to know Him and what He has done for you! May you be an ambassador of another world and may God bless all y’all.

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