Kamala Harris…an Esther story?

Kamala Harris came in as the first ever female VPOTUS. With the nation so divided, those of us who have opposed her side of this election aren’t exactly in a good place. We feel attacked and Kamala is a spearhead of that attack. But what is God doing? He isn’t shocked or hateful and it’s time to get on board with His end of this plan because it’s going to be beautiful.

I dreamed last night of a judgement going out to 50 cities from New Mexico because someone isn’t practicing what they preach in the church. But church you need to see what God is doing and pray for His plan and then you will thrive. The church may have many hurt people in America but we are not in a position to lash out and act ungodly. We are called to pray for our leaders and God warned us years in advance to pray for Kamala Harris.

If you’ve followed me for the last year, you will have heard this several times. A prophet named Charlie spoke a word about Kamala Harris by name years ago. In summary that word said that her star would rise quickly but that she would be put in a position to make a choice and that choice would be for her own destiny. Everything that was spoken over her as a child, all the hopes of the believers in her family, could be fulfilled in her if she makes the right choice.

More words have come out about her. How there are people who are running things behind the scenes that are pushing her into this position and into the choice she will have to make. One dream describes that choice. Leaders of the courts, congress, the military and other officials gathered in the Oval Office with those who run things behind the scenes. The Presidency is empty and the Lord has a plan to restore what is right. But those in charge have a plot against the Lord to put Kamala in the Presidency and to fight for power over the nation.

If Kamala chooses the side of the Lord and lays down her own power and humbles herself, the Lord will make her life flourish. She will be a hero to all Americans and bring true unity. She will be known as a champion of true civil rights and freedom. But if she chooses to take power and oppose God, her life will be burned up in an awful mess and she will destroy her legacy and destiny.

Now church, if you want Kamala Harris to become a true Esther, you cannot hate her. She needs your prayers because just as she must humble herself in the face of the Lord’s plan, so must you, so must I. If we will partner with God now and raise up Kamala Harris in prayer, our own destiny may be fulfilled along with hers. We must desire what is righteous. Our Lord says pray for those who have hated you and again pray for your leaders. He sent prophetic words in advance to prepare your hearts for this time. Do not harden your heart towards God’s Esther and turn her to a Jezebel.

Before most of us were born a prophet named William told of the stylish woman who would become president before the day of America’s fiery destruction. This does not have to be Kamala Harris, our destruction can be held off for years if we choose to pray for and love those who we have seen as enemies. If we harden our hearts towards her, she may harden her heart towards us and evil would prevail and many lives would be burned up. But this woman is not Jezebel, she may have Jezebel trying to push her along into power but for such a time as this God has made an Esther of Kamala Harris! She has the strength inside to humble herself before the Lord in the face of enormous pressure!

The church must pray for this woman and love her the way Christ loves her! God has made her the key figure in his plans to ambush the ambush! As they begin to turn, as the spokes weaken and the truth comes out, she will humbly restore power to the people of this country and be a patriot and a hero! It is God’s plan and it will bring her into her destiny and the revival will break forth quickly if we humble ourselves and pray! Lord Jesus raise up the star from the west! Lord bring about your will through the life of your Esther and do not allow Jezebel to rule over her! Lord bless Kamala Harris in her new position and use her to bless the entire world! Lord you knew she was the righteous gatekeeper of authority for this time and you will be her Strength! Lord Jesus we trust you in this and we love because you love, and we bless because you bless and we encourage because you encourage.

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