A sad day in history

Well it’s Inauguration Day! My computer went ahead and capitalized that for me. It didn’t used to be an official holiday but now that America has an official communist ‘Dear Leader’ I guess he can make whatever holidays he wants. Of course last night I had dreams of darkness and worthless behavior. If you’ve followed me long, you’ll recall that I’ve had a few other dreams about the coming days.

In one dream I saw Biden and Harris in tanks. It looks like they will be coming into office with a massive military presence. It makes that song from Hamilton play in my head, ‘32,000 troops in New York Harbor’… Well that was an invasion by a foreign nation, today we only have 25,000 troops in D.C. to secure the stealing of an election. The Bible says the wicked flea when no one is chasing them. That’s what 25,000 troops looks like to me. These people are afraid of their own wickedness. They believe everyone would act the way they have acted. That’s not going to go well moving forward.

In that dream I saw law enforcement equipment thrown to the ground all across the nation. It was as if the police had just all quit their jobs at once. Then I went through a room where they sent people to chase me. It was a large room but there was a way out. We just had to get away from them long enough to reach the exit door. This all seems like a civil war or some other catastrophe of government is coming and in time it will end. Things will be ok, but we will have to make it through a time of trouble.

I also had a dream about our currency sliding off of the Federal Reserve foundation, like a building pad. But then it was rebuilt on its original foundation, again the Hamilton references abound. That play must have been prophetically well timed. We are seeing this play out with Janet Yellen calling for big spending as if we weren’t already spending at an insane pace. The Treasury is going to be empty under her care and we will see our financial system removed and replaced.

There were also some very special dreams of how it will eventually work out. In one I helped Trump tackle a thief and take away his gun. In another I saw Trump standing in front of some amazing cars as a leader and went up and hugged him. In another, the people rose up and pushed against the attack on them. This led Trump to cut down several giants including the lead giant. Then we all went out to take down the giants in the land.

This thing will not stand forever. God has a plan and it will happen. Through this time of trouble He will refine and raise up some amazing men and women of God! This is a refining fire and the dross is going to be burned away. But the SILVER will stand tall and the gold will not vanish but multiply. If the sins of the Amorites are full what does that mean? It means they possess the land but the time has come to begin driving them out. This won’t happen in a day but in repeated advances by one nation under God. Little by little we will remove their power.

Things rarely look the way we expect them to look. When God promises something, He delivers but we usually misunderstand in the face of it. As we walk through the fire the Lord will be with us and prosper us in the land. There’s no need to go all Bonhoeffer, God is dealing with things. Many will act upon their own knowledge of good and evil but we are called to follow the Way, Jesus, the Logos, the system God has set forth for eternal life. When good fights evil there is nothing but war. But when righteousness resists all temptation to do evil, even in the face of tribulation, creation cannot resist. Nonviolent resistance will call out all of creation to fight on your behalf. May we all walk in the ways of Jesus! May we understand the truth of the life lived in righteousness and the power that God will bring into that life! The resurrection and restoration will come in the fire! May the leaders raised up in fire always remember the Way through and may God bless all y’all.

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