They won’t believe it

I dreamed last night that I went home to be with some family for Christmas. Many uncles and cousins were there and even a new generation of family that I didn’t know. I went into the living room with everyone and I had in my hand a remote control. It’s buttons worked on every device in the house. I pushed a few buttons and made a few changes to the TV and the music and soon my family was angry at me. They began to tell me to stop pushing buttons and then they told me that because of my past I had no right to push buttons or make any changes. I didn’t argue with them, I stopped pushing the buttons, but soon they just told me to leave. With my new remote and my history I was not welcome around the people who knew me for what I once was.

So I left that part of the house and went down the hallway. I noticed that the younger generation was also leaving that part of the house. They all wanted to get away from the older generation. Some of them wanted to follow me to the part of the house I was going to. I wasn’t pushing their buttons, the young people saw eye to eye with me.

Anyone who has ever experienced some growth in life understands this dream. People who identify you with your past, have a very hard time accepting when you grow. Even Jesus ran headlong into this issue when he said a prophet is not accepted in his home town and among his family. But I think this is more than just family, I think this is also the house of the Lord. God is about to raise me up into something new and people who know me will have a hard time accepting it. I will push their buttons as I try to go with God. But there are youth who will see things differently. They will be going the same direction that God is leading me. They will accept the sins in my past, partly because they weren’t there to see them. It can be harder to forgive what you witnessed than forgiving a stranger’s story.

May the Lord grant us the ability to forgive the sins we have witnessed in others. May we see with right judgement through spiritual eyes. May God bring peace in the struggle of growing up into Him. May the disturbance that causes us to go out into our destiny not destroy those closest to us. May you be raised up into the purpose God made you for as I believe He will do for me and may God bless all y’all.

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