Redeemed in the storm

I’ve mentioned this before, but some dreams are an overview of a longer period of time. I had a dream like that a few months ago and last night I had a zoom in dream to reveal where I am in that process. In the dream, I spent some time working in a grocery store and then later I went to another place. Well I dreamed about that grocery store last night.

This grocery store is representative of several things in my life now. In my dream, I was one of a few adults in the store and there were a bunch of teenagers who also worked there. We were discussing the storm and watching it blow in. The storm was bad! It got very dark, the rain rolled in sideways and everyone was concerned. We are now entering the time of the storm. This is the time of turmoil so many have prophesied in America.

Inside the store, things were safe, the storm wasn’t big enough to destroy this large store. After we discussed what to do about the storm, I went to the young people. I was teaching them how to redeem the time. During the storm, we can still advance. The kids were doing all sorts of different things and we had a lot of fun during the storm. Each of these teenagers had experienced some sort of great loss or been adopted and lost parents. They each had issues to deal with.

For some reason the Lord has placed me in the middle of loss. Maybe our country is just so bad that every kid is going through the crazy but it seems like God is placing me in the middle of kids who haven’t lived under attack. Born into a battle of someone else’s making and unaware of what rages around them. But God will restore order to the troubled youth! May He put His hand into the middle of the next generation and raise them up to redeem the storm! May the foster kids, the gangsters, the juvenile criminals, the addicted, the unraised, the children of every plight of society be restored to communion with God! May your hand be part of the work as mine is and may God bless all y’all.

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