The big toddler

Last night I dreamed that me and this large toddler were in some sort of factory or facility. I was going around watering plants and wiping up messes all around the building and outside. Everywhere I went this toddler was there too. He looked like he was too old to still be in diapers or pull ups but that’s what he was wearing.

Everywhere we went I cleaned and this kid came behind. I kept leaving some kind of a film on the things I wiped up and the toddler would come and spread the film. It was like we were using baby oil instead of cleaning product, it got all over everything. Soon two men walked by and yelled out how all of these things needed to be cleaned up.

The large toddler’s diaper kept getting fuller as we went along. I kept thinking someone needed to change that. So before trying to go reclean everything, I went over to a huge pile of diapers. I grabbed 3, one for the toddler and one each for two other kids I didn’t see yet. Once I had the diapers I went off to clean up the kids and clean up the facility.

I’m not entirely sure what this is about, but I have been helping out with some children’s bible study recently inside a kind of facility. I wonder if any of this has to do with that. May the Lord bring us the words of wisdom to understand what we cannot naturally understand. May we clean up all of the chaos around us and help those who cannot help themselves. May we always go back and do the work again and again until it is truly finished. May God’s blessings pour out on the children of our nation as we minister to them in the midst of stormy times and may God bless all y’all.

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