Last night I dreamed all night about being recruited into special forces and intelligence work. Someone found me at work and began giving me tasks to take care of for them. I wasn’t very good at these tasks at first but my teacher was very persistent. I was taught to go into uncomfortable situations and take care of difficult things.

Over the weekend I had another all night dream like this. I dreamed of a gathering in my honor, a special birthday party. The party moved on to my house where all the kids were playing. At bedtime I sent everyone to bed in different parts of the house but the kids kept getting up and causing chaos in the house. For awhile I tried to run around and fix all the problems that were being caused by the chaos. Then I looked and there was a large stack of books. I spoke into the air, “What book should I read?” A book flew into my hand from the stacks!

As this was happened I realized that the book was evil and whatever put it in my hand was evil. Then I realized demonic forces had entered my home because of the chaos of the children. As it got late into the night I recognized what needed to be done and I began to learn about bringing order into chaos. I learned that the spirit of chaos, the dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns, with the earth mother or the queen of heaven on its back, from the Bible, would use the 10 powers to fight each other. Its heads would fight each other in order to maintain the constant flow of chaos.

These ten horns were the same ten judged in the plagues of Egypt. So I went through my home and began to teach order to the children in all the ten areas that had been opening the doors to chaos. I learned that this is training for me in the area of deliverance for nations and deliverance for individuals. God is a God of order and what we bind or loose on earth, heaven will establish by the power of God.

I pray that we would all begin to recognize divine order. I pray that we would hold the line in the area of order, to close the doors we have left open for chaos to creep into our lives, our families, our homes, and even our country. May the God of order teach His servants and friends the wisdom of divine order! May we be delivered from the hands of chaos! May we know the truth that order is not control! May we establish order by the hands of freedom from evil and may God bless all y’all.

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