The Rush Limbaugh Dream

Well this is a first. My dad had me listening to Rush Limbaugh by the time I was 9 or 10 but not once in all that time have I had a dream about Rush. Last night was an busy dream night too. I had one crazy nightmare first thing last night. My wife and I and my youngest daughter were in a large dark building. We needed to walk across to get somewhere and this toy in the toy pile started making ominous noises. Every parent has had this experience in real life honestly. The toys just start making sounds at night and you are in there pray the batteries away. These sounds weren’t normal, they were dark and evil words and curses. So I went back and found the toy that was talking and began to beat it until I woke up. That’s one way out of a nightmare, fight back, resist the devil and he will flea.

After this I had the Rush Limbaugh Dream, which I will talk about last. Once I woke up from the Rush dream, I dreamed something predictive that I can’t remember and then I went into a dream where that dream was the center of attention. There were freemasons and biker gangs and all sorts of people swirling around to get understanding of that dream. It got crazy, people were kidnapping people to get control of the content of this dream. It was like living in a movie, very strange stuff. But all of this centered around one of the most interesting dreams I’ve ever had.

My family went to party at Rush Limbaugh’s house. They were playing arcade games and having fun. I joined them there and went in the kitchen to chat with Rush one on one. While we were talking I looked out the window and saw thousands upon thousands of little white circles in the sky. It looked like an alien invasion for a second. Then I asked someone what those were and they said they were parachutes! I looked closer and there were men parachuting into our country like a human invasion!

One man landed on the roof right above the window. He climbed down the side of the house to where we could see him and he could see us. He drew a gun on us but chose not to shoot. He looked like a WWII paratrooper. He had an old green uniform like you see in old movies. I started telling my wife and kids to get ready! Get your shoes on, get you stuff collected, and get together. We had to be prepared to leave fast whether we were running away or being taken captive. We were completely surrounded but there was no way of knowing what was about to happen, good or bad.

I think this is a pretty good picture of where we are as a country right now. Completely surrounded, in a new situation and we have no idea what to do. Things are completely unpredictable at this point. It is extremely clear that this country is being invaded from within. However, most people can’t tell from where. Are the protesters invading the capital angry Republicans like the media says? Are they antifa like the other media says? Or are they CIA, out there working both sides into a frenzy to create a situation where they can install a more friendly government at home in the same pattern they’ve used in countless other countries? Is this all working through foreign money? Maybe a combination of factors are working together to create this perfect storm in government…

When I was watching that crowd take a chair out of the Capital window and using the legs of the chair to fight their way into the building, I had mixed feelings. Would the country be better off if the whole lot of congress were removed by force? Maybe so, or maybe the money behind them would just replace them with the same kinds of people. Is it ok to overturn an election if there was corruption or would that crash our system? The problem that we are dealing with is corruption. Whether in congress or outside, there are people put a great deal of resources into changing our system. Those people have just created one party rule under a man with dementia who takes brides from foreign nations and behaves inappropriately with women and children. In a couple of weeks, The Party, will have complete control and they have proven their agenda.

Now if I see the U.S. government falling illegally and totally into the hands of corruption, and into the hands of those who oppose everything I stand for, I do kind of root for anything that would stop that. I remember before the election dreaming of Biden and Harris driving tanks, me running from them and cops across the nations throwing down their equipment and just leaving it on the ground. We seem to be inching day by day towards 1930s Germany, 1812 America, or the formation of a new nation as the old collapses. There doesn’t appear to be hope, there doesn’t appear to be an America left to save. No one knows what to do, and only one with the power to do anything is God Almighty.

If you have come to that same conclusion congratulations! At the end of your rope is the place where God miraculously extends the rope! The prideful can do it themselves, but the meek will inherit the earth because God likes them more! Now is a special time in history! Now is a time pray our way out of this as a nation and prove to our fallen pagan nation, that we really do need God to keep this boat floating! May the fear of the Lord cover the United States of America! May union be our battle cry! Not united with evil, but united in prayer! May the Lord save this nation as we come to the realization that no one else can and may God bless all y’all.

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