Recognize the Spiritual warfare

Many people have been praying about this election. We have been concerned about the stealing of the election since November 5th and continue to be. We have been watching our nation slip into the worship of the ‘gods’ for our entire lives. Yesterday I wrote about how the congress proclaimed the ‘gods’ over their house and how that was going cause spiritual warfare. It happened pretty fast because later yesterday we all watched as protesters nearly overtook that same congress.

Today people around this nation are upset about the protesters and completely missing the truth. This is spiritual warfare spilling over into the physical world. Congress called this down on themselves by their own chaplain and then it happened, like magic. That basically what happened yesterday at the capital, magic, on behalf of the ‘gods’. This is what they prayed for and this is what they got for their ‘gods’.

As our nation digs in its heals in opposition to the one true God, the judgements of the false ‘gods’ will play out in our streets and in our land and in our bodies. But those of us who remain on the side of the Lord will be bold! We will walk through a war zone unharmed! We will walk through a famine full! We will walk through a plague healthy! And we will reveal who our God is! May the Lord make you strong in the times of great weakness! May you stand against nations without need for a weapon! May you be raised up above the false gods of this world to judge them as you follow the Spirit of Truth on this earth! May the wind of God spread you wings and carry you through you destiny and may God bless all y’all.

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