Wars of the gods

I haven’t been reading the news much lately because I want to hear what God is saying and ignore what the world wants me to think. But I peak in every now and then, so a couple of days ago I looked at a news sight. A story stuck out at me but I didn’t think much about why. The chaplain over congress was stepping down. Now I don’t know the details of this, there could be more than one or any number of other details. I have not done any research into this subject.

But a couple of days after I read that headline, someone brought up what the chaplain over congress had said. I made the assumption that maybe this was the new chaplain’s first day or the old chaplain’s last day, but I really don’t know. What I do know is that they proclaimed the pagan gods over the US.

Now if you don’t know the history of this country long term, let’s do a quick overview. Before the Native Americans, this was a land of giants. What we call ‘Indian Mounds’ are just burial places of giants. Abraham Lincoln knew it, the Native Americans knew it and you should know it too. These giants left a few signs of where they came from. America’s stone henge which lines up with the stone henge in England and another in the Middle East. Phoenician writings on stone tablets and Canaanite alters are also found across this country. And then there is the great serpent mound of Ohio which looks just like the one in Bashan.

Truth be told there is a rich history of middle eastern giants that preexisted Native Americans on this continent. There is also a rich history of Native Americans waring against the giants to remove them from the land. Joshua would have been proud. And when the Native Americans began to worship the old gods of the giants, modern Americans removed them from the land the way they had removed the giants generations before.

This week our congressional chaplain declared that the old gods are back in charge of this country. Now we all knew that the US was moving away from God and towards paganism in massive numbers the last several generations. But when leaders make declarations of pagan worship over houses of leadership, it is spiritually significant. If this country will no longer worship God, we will be removed from the land just as the giants and Native Americans were.

A friend told me of a prophetic word about the 400th year since the Mayflower, which of course was 2020. It was a link to the Israelites 400 year captivity waiting for the sins of the people of the land to be completed. Basically, saying that just like that time, our sins would be completed by 2020 and then the ‘blessing’ could begin. The blessing for the Canaanites was complete destruction, but the blessing for the God’s people was to have God fighting for them and giving bringing them into their promised destiny.

Moving forward, as our country begins to follow the gods of the nations, the Baals, without even hiding it, everyone is going to have to choose. I pray that you would recognize the choice! I pray that you would choose God and follow in the way Jesus walked! May you walk in the path of the Almighty and may His wind be in your wings! May you not be swept away with the sins of the wicked but be raised up into the position that God has prepared you for and may God bless all y’all.

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