The blessing of harm times

Recently I’ve been experiencing some very difficult things in my life. It seems like from every direction, I’m being attacked by one thing or another. It just so happens that at the same time all of this is happening, my life is at the edge of major advancement. I have one huge project to do before I can get my master’s degree. I’ve started teaching a Bible study in a very special place. I’m starting to be more of a leader and growing towards many things that God has planned for me. It’s difficult to take these kinds of steps in the direction God has called me because it feels like the whole world is against me doing anything good.

I’m reminded of a few amazing people in the past, maybe all amazing people in the past. I remember David, the shepherd boy who was told that he would be king. The one who went to give his big brothers some cheese and ended up winning a war. The David who became a leader in the army at a very young age and married the king’s daughter. As he approached his God appointed destiny, things went south. The king tried to kill him, he became a fugitive, he was run out of his entire country. Then even his enemies rejected him, and his family and all of his possessions were stolen from him. My worst days have never been quite that bad. But from his worst day, God raised him up to be everything promised!

I remember Elijah, the great prophet who heard from God and when he spoke God’s words they ruled the nation with more sovereignty than the king could muster. The man who called down fire from heaven and changed the heart of a fallen nation. Elijah had a hit put out on him by the queen. He ran away and passed out under a broom tree. He would have starved if the birds hadn’t come and fed him. He was a sign of Jesus in that moment, after fasting so long he would have starved and the angels came and took care of him. Elijah was chased away from everyone and everything he ever knew under threat of death. When they he could run anymore he sat on a hill and waited. Soldiers came to take him away to be killed and fire from heaven killed them. Then another group of soldiers did the same. By the third group of soldiers the captain begged for his life as they arrested Elijah. We have wives and children man of God, please let us live, we will not hurt you! I haven’t yet seen the days of Elijah, but I will!

I remember Abraham, called out of Babylon to create a country. Committing his entire life to finding God’s place for his children to become a great nation, while having no children. Growing old, knowing that he didn’t have children his entire purpose in life, his calling and everything he had worked for would be lost! His marriage was almost ripped apart as they tried to have children by another woman. His nephew was in the city God was about to destroy. His wife laughed at the idea that she would have a child when an angel came and promised it again. He was called to kill the child when the miracle baby was finally born! Another sign of Jesus coming as a sacrifice. But he made it through to see his grandchildren live in the land God called him to! The nation was born despite the trouble along the way!

I’ve never been through half of what these people went through. The fact that it’s difficult, means I’m doing the right thing! If I weren’t right in the middle of a great storm how would I know I was near my calling? Step into the fire! Step into the great storms of life and walk through them knowing they are a sign of the fear the enemy has of you! Know that God is so pleased with you keeping focus on His vision for your life when the world tries to knock you off track! Know that when it all gets to be too much and you keep faith, God is moved to the point of getting up coming to you and kicking some giant demonic bully’s arse! He will defend His kids! He will raise you up! You will stand on the mountain tops and know the Lord and God will bless all y’all!!!!!

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