The setup

I dreamed last night that I had gone to a park with my kids. I was talking to them about playing basketball but they weren’t terribly interested. They were listening and learning but they weren’t ready to play. I think this dream is to me about me. I tell my kids nonstop about what I’m learning from God and how I think the world really works. It’s all pretty weird and they listen to me but they don’t just jump in front of me and start playing.

Then in the dream I saw a group of people playing near the basketball court. I couldn’t help but watch and see if they stepped on the court I was on. I couldn’t help but look for a rebound so that I could take some part in this great sport. Now I think for me personally this is about a stream of ministry that I want to be a part of. If I’m right, it’s going to get embarrassing before it gets good:)

Next in the dream, sure enough they took a shot from the grass and started stepping onto the court in Little Rock with me. And sure enough the rebound came my way. I grabbed the ball to take a shot but I dropped it. I grabbed it again but the ball flew behind me when I tried to shoot. And then again I tried a long shot and it wasn’t even close. This is generally how things go for me when people are watching. So it wasn’t surprising to see that I was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t do in a group what I could do alone.

But the strangest thing happened. As they watched and saw me failing miserably, they encouraged me! They began to cheer on everything I did. Soon they were throwing beach balls and other sports were happening on the basketball court. I dropped the ball several more times as I got closer to the group. Then suddenly I got under control.

I took a few dribbles and took a shot, I missed. When I missed everyone cheered! They had never seen me even look like a basketball player. Somehow I was in a position where even missing my shots people thought that I had talent and they were surprised at what I was able to do. I grabbed a rebound and put another shot up and missed again; this time it was closer. Everyone was excited! I couldn’t believe it, I was missing and everyone was cheering. The group grew rapidly! People were coming from across the freeway to play with us.

I struggle when I’m around people. But to be accepted into a group is an amazing feeling. It’s pretty rare to come across a group where I am acceptable. But the Lord is setting me up to find that strange place where I’m made to be. He is going to let me fail and then show me love. He’s always been that way and it stands to reason that when you get around His people and He moves in a group, that they will be accepting and loving, just like Him. Not encouraging wrong doing but encouraging us to come closer and do what we are able to do.

May you never be afraid to draw near! May you always see God’s heart is not the heart of the attacker and accuser! May you see His love flowing through you and through others! May you increase the measure of His love that is poured out on the earth through His people! May you walk in the light of His revealed Word, the Logos of God, Jesus! I pray that we would all see the goodness of God in the land of the living and may God bless all y’all.

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