The voice of the prophets

Last night as I was dreaming I found myself in several different places. I was in the grocery store and the street and all over the place. I was talking to people and as I talked I was hearing Bible verses. Isaiah would speak and quote himself in the book of Isaiah. Ezekiel would quote himself from the book of Ezekiel. The prophets of old were prophesying in modern times. They were speaking to people all over town. As I thought about that this morning I made a plan. I can teach people true plumb line prophesy. I can teach them to take it to the malls and grocery stores and everywhere they go. As the apostle Paul says, ‘all can prophesy’.

Now back to the dreams from over the weekend. I wrote one of them yesterday about battling with the giants and exposing the occult science in the deep caves and all that. Well today I want to share the dream I had a couple of hours before that on the same night.

I dreamed I was in a gas station. I was hired to operate the lunch counter and I set it up like a Buffett. It was a store for people with special powers, kind of like the x-men. All of us who ran the gas station and the lunch line and all of the people who came through the line had power and various giftings. It started to get messy and white powder started to build up. Soon the white powder, which was both like a drug like cocaine, it gave energy. And at the same time it was clay powder, like at the ceramic factory I used to work at. Powdered clay can be pressed, instead of molded, into form and then fired in the kiln to harden. So the powdered mess was both great energy and something that could be quickly formed into a mold with pressure.

A battle started as people came to attack those with the power and giftings. I began to use my power in the battle. As I lifted my hands all the things in the room and from outside began to come fly at the people who were attacking. I lifted off the ground and by the end I was floating 20 feet in the air inside the building. The building had grown into a large metal building and everyone and every thing in the room had been blown away. The entire building was empty and clean and the battle was won. If you’ve seen an x-men movie, it was a lot like magneto.

Those kinds of dreams are fun. But it also tells me a lot about what it will be like to deliver the message to the world that God has for me to tell. The interesting thing is that I’m a pretty low key guy. No one really looks at me and thinks, warrior. But that’s what God sees. A lot of times God’s view of you will be exactly the opposite of the world’s view or even your view of yourself. He judges the heart and He has a perfect plan for your heart type. It may be uncomfortable but it’s perfect and it draws you closer to Him. May the Lord give you understanding of His perfect plan for you! May you receive it as truth and live it out! May you be exhilarated in the middle of your journey and your war and your time to create and may God bless all y’all.

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