Worshipping Warriors

Over the weekend I had some amazing dreams that I want to share. I’ll share this one first and hopefully I’ll get to some of the others later. I dreamed I was in this group of ancient warriors who were also a praise and worship team for the church. Musical instruments and swords, songs and clubs, voices and violence, you get the idea.

We walked into a restaurant where everyone and walked through the crowded dining area to a spiral staircase on the far end of the room. As we went down the staircase we came to several different levels. These were hidden areas under the surface of the dining area. It reminds me of Ezekiel when he had a vision of going into the temple and seeing pagan practices inside.

Down in the lower levels there were all sorts of secret meetings and secret teachings. At the lowest level many people were gathered around a movie theatre style area learning ‘occult science’. To this point the worshipping warriors and only had to fight a few minor battles. We were almost undetected, even in the presence of the several hundred people in the theatre. But just behind the screen there were several caves.

We went into each of the caves and took the hidden artifacts inside. These were the source of the power structure of the entire thing. The hidden occult under the surface of the restaurant, was built entirely around the understanding of just a few hidden things. They used the structure to mask the hidden things but we had still gotten to them. It was just like the real occult; pagan belief systems, necromancy, psychics, ascension, reincarnation… there really aren’t that many underlying concepts once you break it down. But on those concepts the entire antichrist system rests. They are the foundation of so much of culture but they are hidden to most people.

When we took the artifacts from the caves, the people in the underground meetings became very upset. To get back to the surface we had a war on our hands. We had gone deep into the belly of the beast and were about to expose everything they had been doing in secret! Our band of worshipping warriors began to fight and we went back to the top through level after level of battle until finally we reached the top of the spiral staircase.

As we walked through the restaurant, the people began to cheer! Many of them began to follow us out the door! Exposing the secrets of those dark places, on which everyone else was unknowingly seated, became a popular heroic act once it was all finished. Then the worshipping warriors and their new recruits from the restaurant set out to battle the giants.

We were in the forest, near the highway, looking at an old pirate ship. It was laid on its side with the top side facing towards us and the bottom side hanging off the edge of a cliff. We could see the giants and the other evil creatures working inside. But they would have easily seen us coming if we tried to approach from this direction. We decided to do something a little more sneaky.

We walked all the way around to the valley where the cliff was. There were steep cliff walls on each side of us but we had not been detected so far. So we scaled the wall of the cliff and the wall of the bottom of the ship. None of the giants of evil creatures saw us coming until we climbed over the top, drew our flaming arrows and shot a volley right into the unsuspecting creatures. We killed many of them.

But now there was no more surprise, so we set the ship on fire. There was no way to put it out because the source of the fire was hanging over the cliff with us. The ship was completely destroyed. The giants and evil creatures had nowhere left to hide. We repelled down the cliff wall into he valley between the two high cliffs. The giants who remained alive came around and met us at the bottom. There was nowhere for any of us to go, we were walled in all around. We would have to face the rest of the giants head on and they would have to face us.

This is where the dream ended and I believe it is a tale of what is coming in our nation and in our churches. The praying church is going right for the roots of our issues, to expose the real plans of evil. The things hidden all around us, that no one sees, will be exposed. This battle for the foundations of the land will be followed a great sneak attack on the enemy that will cripple the demonic realm. Then we will be face to face in mortal spiritual combat. The sneaking, the hiding, it will all be over. We will be face to face in the open, with no option but war between good and evil.

May the praying church execute our orders to go deep into the realms of darkness and occult science to expose the roots of the enemy. May we pray our way back out to the top and show all the people the truth and the power of God! May the revival sweep many into the Kingdom to follow along! May we go to the center stronghold of evil in this nation and completely destroy it before they see anything coming! And may we face the giants of the land in a battle that will decide all of our fate! May the Lord bless His people in this time of attack. May we be strong and courageous and may God bless all y’all.

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