Baptism as spiritual warfare

I’m not sure how many of you grew up around spiritual warfare or have ever spent time around any of that. I definitely grew up around that old school, yell at the demon in a big circle type of deliverance ministry. But honestly that vast majority of spiritual warfare that I’ve experienced has been one on one, me alone under attack. These can be things like night terrors, which I grew up having all the time. Or actually seeing something strange, hearing things, feeling afraid or any number of seemingly normal ‘human’ experiences.

Growing up around the deliverance ministry, I learned to recognize when I was under attack. I also learned the basic but necessary tool of saying, ‘get out of here in Jesus name’. As a child that got me through a lot of fear and night terrors. Once I was an adult and filled with the Spirit of God this tool became much more effective. For example when I was a child I would be laying sleeping and I would start to dream that the room was swirling around me. Soon all of that energy would come down on my chest and throat. Whatever was in my room would try to choke me and I couldn’t breath. Honestly, this year has reminded me of that a lot with all of the, ‘I can’t breathe’ protests and videos; as well as people describing Covid as feeling like something is sitting on their chest. That’s what it was often like just going to bed at night growing up.

Conversely, when I was Spirit filled, those attacks turned around fiercely. Suddenly the demons are running and terrified of me, because now I have the Word of God, my Sword, living in me. Once night I went to bed and soon found myself alone in a war zone. It looked like WW2 bombings had just cleared out the town. It was what Juice WRLD would call a lucid dream. As I walked past the destruction alone I came to the corner of the block. There to my left a 50 foot tall black dragon was laying in wait. It had large hooked claws on the wing hands, only 2 wings. It sank a claw from both hands into my chest and picked me up like meat hooks. Then it gave an incredible roar in my face with a mouth that could have eaten my body in one bite. There in this place of attack, alone, physically unable to fight I responded to that roar by saying, ‘get out of here in Jesus name’. Immediately the dream ended and I woke up.

Of course, if you believe Jung, this would be a sign that my inner child needs to play with the prince of darkness. But Jung was an occultist, so what else would he do but lead people into the occult through his lying science? Biblically, I was under attack from a demonic spirit and taking authority over with the name of Jesus should get rid of it. And it did. Bible 1 – Jung 0 (Actually, we’ve been running up the score on this for centuries, no telling the ridiculousness of the tally at this point).

Where did these evil spirits come from? Without getting into all of details, there were some angel who sinned against God and tried to start their own kingdom. They were placed in chains inside the earth. But back when they were running around they had hybrid children. There’s a long history of gods and giants and strange creatures int he ancient world, that was these guys. When God locked up the fallen angels, He also passed a judgement on the hybrid children. They would all kill each other in great wars and then they would become evil spirit wondering the earth. That is where demons came from.

So after the earth was baptized and their sinful creatures were washed away in the flood of Noah. And after Noah took some of all the animals of the earth to save them from the flood as a sign of Jesus taking some of every tribe, language, nation and tongue from all the earth. The spirits of the dead Nephilim came up with a plan. They would convince the world to follow a ‘religion’. The people would become ‘gods’ like them at death. In exchange people would help them hatch a plan to raise the fallen angels back to life. This was going to require a global effort and thus witchcraft, the occult, the ancient religion of the world was created.

The things God did always told of Jesus and always seemed very similar to what the cults of the world were talking about. That’s because Jesus would cut off their entire plan as He came to show the world how to be saved from God’s final judgement of these fallen ones and the spirits of their dead children. They ruled the realm of death inside the heart of the earth for a few thousand years. But ultimately Jesus, through the Holy Spirit being given to a man, went down into the pit himself and preached like Jonah in Nineveh. The idea of reincarnation was actually taught by the demons as a religious idea, in order to prevent the dead from listening to the preaching of Jesus. The Tibetan and Egyptian and other books of the dead, instructed people not believe the torment was real after they die. They taught them to just hold on another month or so and they would be reincarnated by their own efforts and the power of their own faith. All they needed was inside of them. It was always a lie to keep them mentally trapped in the physical hell. If they were stuck there for eons it was their own fault and they should just believe better. Pretty evil stuff.

Ok now here’s what I learned yesterday! Baptism has caused as much of a fight as anything in the church. Many followers of the spirits of the dead Nephilim wormed their way into the church and taught lies as if they were Christianity just as the Bible said they would. Among these lies was the fight over full immersion baptism, the biggest one in my lifetime has been over the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the signs that follow. But just the way that all but vanished from the church during the dark ages, so did full immersion baptism. Why? What is it about baptism that just pisses off the demonic spirits? Why do people feel fear of baptism? It seems like it’s just simple water and simple obedience.

But it’s far from that! Baptism is spiritual warfare! The act of going to down into the water represents a voluntary death. It is a sign of going down into the realm of the dead, where the fallen angels are bound, and coming back up alive! It’s a sign of the resurrection in the last day. The water is that covers you is the same water that covered and ultimately killed the children of the fallen ones, just like the flood. Every baptism shows every evil spirit how they died and how we will one day replace them as eternal beings! As Jesus said, in the resurrection you will be like the angels in heaven. But the fallen ones and all of their children will be bound and cast into the fire.

Even someone like me who isn’t really a natural evangelist can get behind the idea of literally dunking on the enemies of God by dunking new believers in the water! I’m not saying was ever against baptism, but now that I know I can torment the evil spirits who tormented me growing up, I’m a lot more excited about the process! I have always prayed for people at baptism but I think I’m going to start some cheering and in your face celebrations now! I could go out and evangelize just for the fun of dunking another one in the face of the enemy. (I’ve always been a fan of the dunk). May you be driven to bring people into the Kingdom by the understanding the system! May you dunk on the enemies of God and work with Him to raise people to eternal life! May His house be full and all who were lost be replaced by the righteous! May you be one of the righteous among them and may God bless all y’all.

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