War against the god of chaos

I got something new in the mail a couple of days ago and I’ve been excitedly going through it. It’s a book and DVD series on the named pantheon of gods in the Bible. Many of these gods are also named in other ‘mythologies’. Kevin Spacey taught us in The Usual Suspects the reason that our culture calls them ‘mythologies’. It’s because the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. But the Bible says otherwise and exposing a lot more than our modern mindsets give it credit for.

As I watched one of these DVD’s a long forgotten question of mine was answered. I was so excited I almost woke my kids up celebrating! Here’s the question. If the book of Enoch is true, then what does it mean when it says that the arc angel Michael is set over the best part of men and chaos? I understood from the Bible that Michael and his angels war on the behalf of God’s people and minister to our needs. But I couldn’t wrap my head around the connection to him also being placed over ‘chaos’.

As I listened to Derek Gilbert teach on the god of chaos in the Bible, I understood! This is repeated in the Bible so many times it’s ridiculous but in our language, chaos isn’t a ‘god’, it’s a concept. The Bible states that God is a God of order and every time I hear that preached it has to do with bringing order into our lives or homes or something. Nobody ever says the god of this world is a 7 headed chaos dragon. And yet when I look at the crazy protests in the streets I see people who dance and sing praises to the gods of chaos.

The U.S. is under an all out assault from the ancient dragon, chaos. The occult wants to raise the ancient gods to life again by creating global control. They worship these ancient beings locked in chains in the deepest part of the earth. The spirit of lawlessness that will rule the world in the last days according to Paul, is the same force of the 7 headed hydra. The dragon with 10 horns and 7 heads that comes up from the abyss. The stories of mythology may not line up perfectly with each other but the world has told these same stories in every culture in human history.

You see the myths of this world’s religion are the true histories. The idea that these were just stories to teach the kids principles of living is a ridiculous mask over the true faces of evil. This modern myth allows the wicked to work in the shadows as the world questions the righteous and makes truth a crime. This is chaos and when we see chaos taking over our nation the Bible and the book of Enoch give us a hint about how to pray!

In Daniel 12:1 Michael gets up and out of the way of chaos. Then the great tribulations begins. Michael and the armies of the Lord who have dominion over chaos and the demons will be removed. Paul calls him the one who now restrains. Most churches teach that the Holy Spirit and thus the church restrain the antichrist from coming. But I think that’s a mask over the truth allowing everyone to sit back and hope for the rapture to just end it all. We could be asking the Lord to send Michael and the angel armies into the chaos to bring Godly order! But if nobody is asking and everyone is expecting to wake up in heaven before it gets ‘really bad’, then who’s praying for the God of order to establish order in the spiritual realm?

The spiritual realm isn’t like some other dimension or some strange ‘mythical’ place. It’s just a different light wave, one we typically can’t see. The battle is always raging around us and the tricks to keep us out of the fight are often wool pulled over our eyes so that we just don’t see what’s happening. May the Lord open the eyes of the church in America! May the Lord help us realize the battle we are in and the weapons of prayer and praise and righteousness and goodness and walking outside of sin! May the Lord send Michael to restrain and war with the god chaos who is trying to take over this land! Lord one more time! May the awakening be GREAT and the revival come in the complete order of the true church! May you prepare us to walk in the darkness and BE a great LIGHT! May you push back the chaos demon, that old dragon who is the devil, in the battle over your own life and may God bless all y’all.

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