Timing dreams

To actually understand what is happening in the moment feels like lightning! But the truth is, most of us miss the understanding of what God is telling us in the moment. Most of the time we don’t recognize it until it has already happened. Or in some cases we forget about it until it has already happened. But the closer we get to God and the more we hear Him, the more often we stand in the moment in the complete faith of knowing exactly what is happening.

For example, when I prayed if I should go back to college, I had a dream that I should get an accounting degree and an MBA. I was always a terrible student and I’m pretty dyslexic. College sounded like a challenge but a masters degree just sounded like a stupid idea given my history and how I’ve always seen myself. Other people sometimes call me smart but it always sounds like a lie when they say it. Inside I feel like a stupid person. But knowing that God thought I could get a masters degree gave me the drive and faith to get over myself. When it gets difficult I remember what I was told. I’ve had many difficult moments in this process but I’m nearing the end of the MBA now.

Most of the time when God talks to me, it’s about me and for me. Many times I will have one dream that gives a long term plan and then over the next several years I’ll have little dreams from a section of that dream to explain the moment. They give more details and the timing of what is happening now out of a longer term plan of God’s. I’m not great at understanding these dreams yet. I’ve basically only recognized that pattern this last year or so, not enough time to gain a great deal of understanding of timing.

Last night I had a timing dream. Several months ago I dreamed about going to a made up restaurant, spending some time there and moving on. So this dream last night was the first dream to come as a part of that dream. So I’m already at the restaurant in my life. I don’t know what exactly that is but I’m there. My wife and I walked in there last night for some kind of event. Now I’m curious if this event is the same as the contest from my other dream about the Carter. (Not that ‘the Carter’ Nino or lil Wayne, which reference you might get depends on your age).

I don’t know if it’s the same event and different views and details. I’m still learning to walk in this. I suspect it crosses over like that though. So we go to the event in the restaurant and we are looking for 2 sharks. Again maybe a reference back to a much older dream from before I met my wife. A lot of things seem to be starting to connect. A log truck pulls up at the restaurant and it has just come from the ocean. Instead of logs it has large fish stacked the size of logs. We look for the two sharks but we can’t find them. There are no sharks on this truck.

There were some small birds and the baby birds were also turtles. They were both, turtles and birds (things can get weird in the dreamscape). They flew over to a giant manure pile and the bigger birds were digging around in the manure. The baby bird turtles were popping out of the ground trying to grab my toes as I walked towards the manure pile and the bigger birds. And scene.

That was the entire dream. It didn’t get to any resolution, it was just a part of the process of another dream. The Lord gives us dreams like this to show us the timing of something within the timeline of our life and our walk with Him. He wants us to draw closer to gain understanding. He is always trying to draw us into a conversation and closeness with Him. Sometimes we misunderstand but that’s ok.

Yesterday I was walking and praying and watching some preaching on the TV. My littlest daughter started walking with me and talking to me about everything under the sun. So I talked with her and she followed me. I was already doing something but I loved having her walk with me. Then she broke off of what I was doing and started to pretend cook for me. Now every 10 steps I’m trying some new imaginary soup. They were wonderful! I loved seeing what she was doing and I loved having her around me in the middle of what I was doing. One day I’d love for her to grow up and join me in my prayer. But while she’s little, I just want her around me trying to interact. I’m not going to send her away for playing soup cook instead of praying with me. I want her near me.

God is like that with us. We may not have the maturity to walk like He walks, but He loves that we are in there trying to do something with Him. As we see how He walks, eventually we will just get it and start doing His work with Him. But while we are growing up in Him, it’s good to just try to be with Him! Many people grew up being yelled at for getting in the way. But that isn’t how God does it. He just wants to try your pretend soup and show you what He’s working on. He wants us near Him. May you be like a little child! May you walk in the knowledge that your Father loves you and wants you near Him! May your closeness change you to walk the way He walks in the time of your own maturity and may God bless all y’all.

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