The Ekklesia Wins the War

Last night I had the most amazing dream! I was at a big box store and everyone was shopping. It was all pretty normal at first except that this store was YUGE! I went over to the food court when out of nowhere a volley of arrows rained down on the food court and the shoppers. Then the armies of ancient warriors came in attacking the people in the store.

After being beaten back the shoppers gathered and began to form ranks and military formation! It was pretty loose at first but the shoppers attacked the attackers. Both sides stepped back to reform around a leader. On the side of the shoppers was Donald Trump. He was a giant dressed in white with two horns on his head. The ancient warrior horde brought out their own giant! He was dressed in armor but just as tall, both men standing 15-25 feet tall above the armies that surrounded them.

In the next attack the shoppers also sent a volley of arrows and charged the ancient warriors with Trump in the center. They beat back the opposing army until Trump was able to face off directly against the giant. Trump leaned down like a ram and his two horns hit the other giant in the stomach, cutting it in half! The first giant had fallen! Trump stood up and the top half of the opposing giant fell behind him as the legs fall in front!

The army didn’t stop there! We moved on to the next group of ancient warriors and their giant! We attacked again with the same result! The soldiers on the ground fought through until the giant was left unguarded! Trump rammed the giant with his two horns and cut him in half just like the first. Torso thrown behind and legs fallen in front, again we advanced!

We came to a third army of ancient warriors. Both sides shot out arrows and lunged at each other! Lines of warriors with swords and bows clashed into each other on the front line!. The battle was terrible but we who had once been shoppers were now battle hardened warriors! We were fierce fighters and we prevailed, exposing the third giant to the direct onslaught of Trump. Again he cut the giant in half with a ram. He dropped his torso behind and legs in front. Then he turned and faced the newly formed army and we all cheered together!

This was the battle for the election. Once the celebration was over, we went on through the doors to find the giants in the land. At this point the dream switched to a large church building with a concert happening. I was at the foot of the steps up to the stage and a woman was on the top step. Michael W. Smith was on stage and he was break dancing. I couldn’t even imagine how he was singing because he was dancing so wildly. The main crowd in the building was seated a long way from the stage but a few of us were right on the steps celebrating!

“This how I fight my battles, This is how I fight my battles, This is how I fight my battles….It may look like I’m surrounded, But I’m surrounded by You!” Michael W. Smith

In this battle, I watched a church of shoppers, under fierce attack, become an army of fierce warriors capable of taking down the giants in the land. I saw as the Ekklesia formed.

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