New strain of Covid

I guess it has been about 6 months or so since I talked about the new strain. I was sleeping one night and saw the words ‘new strain’ just kind of floating in front of me. I wrote about it and talked about it on my Twitter for a few weeks and then put it in the back of my mind where the future events I’ve forgotten all live. But yesterday I heard the term new strain again.

My wife told me they were talking about the new strain at work now. It’s been around since September I think, but now it’s widespread. It’s called D614G, same Covid with one new detail, it’s more contagious.

I had a dream night before last about super spreaders. Our family was at a table and there were these red people sitting in different places. They were super spreaders. We avoided 5 of them that were birthday parties and we dodged several. We were moving around the table either avoiding or dodging or somehow managing not to contact the super spreaders. But at the end one super spreader walked up and we couldn’t avoid it.

Yesterday I had the dream on my mind and sure enough Covid was a big part of our day. In the morning we got a call that our kids were in a house with someone with Covid over the weekend. Later my wife gets ‘super spreader’ training on the ‘new strain’ at work. Later on our church called to inform us someone who was there on Sunday has Covid. It was pretty much an all day event to the point we are having to change a few plans.

It may be weird for some people to think that I dreamed about it the night before and then lived it all day like that, but it’s actually a part of Biblical Christianity for God to speak to you in dreams. Honestly, I think if we taught this at church the church would have a pretty full knowledge of what’s happening in the world. God gives us all pieces so that we can share them and fit them together into one useable story for the Ekklesia as a whole. I pray that the church would begin to walk in our original functions! May you live in the supernatural gifts God has given you to help His people and work His plan in the earth! May you grow in wisdom and knowledge or God’s ways! May you walk with Him daily and be protected from the super spreaders that come your way by praying in advance for the issues that the world tries to put in your way. May you know Him more every day and may God bless all y’all.

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