My own Trump dreams

I heard someone bring up the Trump prophecies the other day. There have been several prophetic words about Trump given, starting back around 2006 (I think). One of the reasons so many in the church are praying in confidence for the overturning of the election and a second Trump term, is because we believe God was speaking in these prophecies. Some of those prophecies were specifically about him getting two terms. And so we who believe those things, continue to pray for God complete it.

If we pray in His will, He hears. He loves for us to pray His will be done on earth. According to the Bible, it comes down to faith. Do we believe that it is His will or not? Do we believe He spoke or not? If the answer is yes, then we continue to pray in His will and in faith and He is greatly pleased with us. If it isn’t His will then we need to pray to better understand His will. But right or wrong, He is pleased that we are seeking Him and He is drawing nearer to those of us who are praying.

I stand in the camp of those who believe God was speaking. Part of that is because I have had several Trump dreams myself. I feel like God was helping along in my own faith in His will and plan. For example, I had a short dream in which I was working for the Trump campaign. I’m a registered Independent and I started out believing that Trump had poor character. God moved me a long way since then. So I wanted to tell the Trump dreams that I can remember today. These helped build my faith that a second Trump term really is God’s plan and that I need to war in the Spirit on behalf of God’s will. The battle against God’s will is raging but I have faith. Here are the 3 dreams I remember.

In the first, I was working in the truck shop at an oil company. When I looked out door I saw a bright white table. It was the longest table I’ve ever seen, supernaturally long and brightly shining. Everyone at the table was eating and there was food all all across the table like a large Thanksgiving feast. The table was crowded with people all the way around and everyone was enjoying the feast. At the center was President Trump, he was larger than the other people and shining brightly. The entire table and feast were centered around him.

In the second dream, I walked across the street to my neighbor’s house. In the driveway there were many dodge challengers of varying sizes. Some normal sized challengers and some very large challengers, all of them were white. After I walked past the many challengers, I walked up toward the front door where President Trump was standing. I walked up to him and hugged him. We greeted each other and smiled and shook hands. Then I went back home.

In the third dream, I was in a hotel. There were terrible sinful people filling the hotel. I was in the elevator at first but the people were so evil I decided to take the stairs and go outside. I went for a run in what looked like a very bad part of town. In front of me was Trump, jogging. I was about to run past him when he turned around and pointed a gun at me. When he saw that I wasn’t trying to attack him, he put the gun away and smiled at me. I smiled back at him and ran on past. Not far up the road a thief came running and ran right into me. I grabbed him and up came Trump and hit him hard like a football tackle. We all went to the ground and we took the thief’s gun away. Again Trump smiled at me. When we tackled the thief we were on a set of train tracks.

Now those dreams came over a period of a couple of years but I feel like God was speaking, building my personal faith for this time. We see that the thief is caught during ‘running’ and on the tracks of what might be the Trump train? We see that while running for reelection I am needed. Now I didn’t work for the campaign or put up a sign, but I did support him and now I’m praying for this election every day along with hundreds of thousands of believers. We saw the table set in the presence of everyone. It was centered on Trump but everyone was feasting around him. We also see challengers of all sizes, some very large, but still as we walked past the challengers Trump was greeted and embraced.

If you don’t know where God stands on this election, I understand. But pray for truth! Pray for God’s will! You can’t go wrong when you pray for God’s character and nature to play out in the major issues of the world. As for me, I feel like God has specifically told me to pray for this election, and for President Trump. I feel like He gave those prophecies years in advance through people like Kim Clement or Lance Wallnau because He knew there was going to be a fight and people needed to know He is working in the middle of it. May you have the faith to trust God in the middle of what seems like chaos. May the gods of chaos be judged in our nation! May the Lord bring His plan to its fullness! May the church in the U.S. see the great revival we are praying for! May you see the plan and pray in faith as you watch it work itself out in the natural and may God bless all y’all.

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