Conference dream interpreted

If you happened to catch it last week, I posted a dream about the conference that I was going to on Saturday. Here’s a link to that blog post if you want to look at it.

Saturday, I got up early and drove a few hours to pray with the prayer movement and be in the room where I think God is doing something. I want to walk through how this dream played out in real life. I think people will pick up something amazing about your own dreams by walking through this. So the first part of the dream, I was on staff at the church. Of course, I had never been there but me and the people seated to my right out in the seats were leaders in the church somehow. Because of that, I sat in that area of the seats from my dream. If it was a good enough seat for God to show me, then it was good enough for me. Now in the natural not one person was sitting there. At this point many people will just tune out and stop looking for meaning, but be patient, to the one who holds on to a little he will be given more.

To start off the conference there was a great time of worship. During the worship time, I ended praying about many of the main points that would be made by the speakers. If you don’t pray during worship, you should try it, it’s the best. So in that sense, I was a part of the staff, the leadership. I wasn’t on stage, I didn’t know anyone, but the things God had me praying for, He had also put on the hearts of the leaders. I bet those empty seats next to me were filled in the spirit world.

Up next, I help mow the grass. Obviously the grass was mowed and all of the housekeeping chores were handled. But I did pray in tongues with the whole group all together for a little with during worship. It was fun! We don’t do that at our church so I enjoyed being in a group like that. I don’t know if that was mowing the grass, I have no really clear idea of what that symbolized. But that is what comes to mind, so maybe that is how God meant it in the dream.

Hears where it gets clear. There were two very clearly interpreted parts of the dream. First was the church librarian. In the dream a woman came in and began to talk about books returned to the wrong places. She also talked about the correct place to return books and the whole thing was full of joy and very funny. In walks a bald headed prophetic man with a stick! Ok after worship, Dutch Sheets spoke and after that several of their prophetic team got up and traded off the microphone. The bald man with the stick was on that team. He got up several times with a stick talking about what Jesus wanted to do in the church library! He was talking about the books that should be knocked off of the shelves and he would make it visual by using the stick to walk down a pretend library shelf and knock books off. He did this at his turn several times and it was fun and funny and by the last time I was laughing out loud. Then about the fourth time he talked about the right things to put back on the shelves. I knew as he was doing it that this big bald man was the little church librarian woman from my dream.

After that point in the dream I dream about another woman. She was from my old church and she floated through the room and prayed for me. This too was a bald headed man! God is so funny sometimes. The man came up not long after the library part was over, he was also on the prophetic team. He began to speak about the Baptist church. Soon I realized he was the woman from my old church, I grew up Southern Baptist and so did this man. Now in my own life, after I started speaking in tongues and learning about the gifts of the Spirit, I kind of stopped fitting in at my old church. I left there to try and grow but God called back to another Southern Baptist church several years later. So I grew up Southern Baptist and I also currently am Southern Baptist.

So this man also grew up Southern Baptist and he began to speak about what God wants to do with this denomination. He prayed for me, and all Southern Baptists in the room, hence floating through the room praying for me. It was very nice and he called people from various denominations to pray for God to use the denomination you’re in or from as a part of the awakening of America. I was very encouraged and uplifted! I know God put me where I am for a reason and I believe He has a plan being worked out among many parts of the church. Revival can’t happen in a corner. For example, in the early 1900s, around the time of the Azusa street revival in L.A. that so many people talk about, there was a worldwide revival. Every denomination, and every country in the world had huge increases in people getting saved. They didn’t all play out with kids playing in the tangible glory of God or severed limbs regrowing in crazy miraculous healings, but they did all play out in salvation.

Ok so we see the two key points from the dream played out in a way that was clear enough to recognize in real time. The last couple of things weren’t as clear. I did get my stuff and go to the car. I went ahead and left before the commissioning service because it seemed more like an in house thing and I had a long drive. I was also pretty hungry and that heavily influenced my decision too:) I’m not exactly sure what the bean plant means, unless my actual beans in the garden that I tried to sneak in before winter, stop dying and start growing again. I may understand that part later but YAY GOD! It was about fruitfulness and something that looked like it was struggling producing.

I hope that you can see enough simple connections to see that God was speaking. He’s speaking to you too. Sometimes we miss Him when things aren’t as perfectly straight forward as our minds want them to be. But I know that God spoke to me in those two prophetic words given by the people on the prophetic team. He spoke some other cool things, but He planned those two things in advance. He told me about them and then He had other people actually stand up and speak His words. You can’t doubt God when you experience that sort of thing in your life. May you always find the little words God places in your path. May you hear His voice in the many ways that it comes. May you walk in the faith of knowing Him. May he speak to you all day every day about one thing or another and may God bless all y’all.

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