Conference dream

This morning I woke up from a dream about a conference I’m planning to go to. I was only going to be able to make it for one session on the last day of the conference, I will most likely be driving longer there and back than the time I’ll actually spend there. Still I’m very excited, I’ve been praying along with Dutch Sheets for a few weeks about the election and the nation. It feels like my natural place in the church is to pray along with the intercessors and of course share my dreams and words and so on. But this dream was very cool and I feel like this conference will be something very special.

In the dream I showed up at the conference and for some reason I was on staff. Now I’ve never been to this church or met anyone there so ‘on staff’ may just represent leadership in God’s Kingdom. So I wasn’t the leader but I was one of the leaders in a group of leaders. As part of my position I mowed the grass before the conference, it was difficult to keep the mower straight for whatever reason so I kept mowing again and again until it was right.

When I finished mowing I sat with the other leaders and staff members to listen to the speakers. I was talking with someone when the side door made a loud noise. The leader of the library was playfully making a scene. She was showing the church the true book return and making a little skit out of a book returned outside of the door in the rain. She mentioned several hilarious places where the church members would often return books. Then she told the correct process and thanked everyone. It was all very fun. It was correction but in a right Spirit.

Next a woman from the church I grew up in sort of walked or floated across the room. She came by me and interceded for me as she passed by. She was so happy and full of joy. She was glad that I had made it and looked at me with a smile as she floated past. It was a blessing to me and her both.

Near the end of the conference I looked at the floor in front of me and I had spilled things all over the floor. I decided it would be smart to pick everything up and be ready to put my stuff in the car. I couldn’t tell if the conference would end or if it would break out into a prayer session but I wanted to be ready. So I put all of the stuff in the bag.

I decided to go ahead and load the car and come back for the ending so I would have to carry all that stuff around. I had one more thing to grab. There was a bush bean in a pot in the row behind me that was also mine. I had planted it late, just before winter, in hopes of reaping a last harvest before the seasons changed. When I looked at it, the side nearest to me was brown and dead. But the other side of the plant was green and had many green beans growing on it. The living side of the plant was producing more than usual before winter.

I’m looking forward to this conference and I believe it will be special. May the Lord bless this event. May we walk in faith realms and prophecy truth! May the joy of the Lord overflow even in the corrective words! May the last harvest be fruitful and plentiful! May the Lord bring life to the places that are alive in the winter! May you be full of the love of the Lord and may His love spread faster than any virus. And may God bless all y’all.

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